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Journal Article 1925 Buxton, Leonard Halford Dudley Early man in China Man [Buxton, 1925 #37178]
Journal Article 1913 Evans, Ivor Hugh Norman On a collection of stone implements from the Tempassuk district, British North Borneo Man [Evans, 1913 #27872]
Journal Article 1979 Aijmer, Goran Reconciling power with authority: an aspect of statecraft in traditional Laos Man [Aijmer, 1979 #28661]
Journal Article 1984 Trigger, Bruce B. Alternative archaeologies: nationalist, colonialist, imperialist Man [Trigger, 1984 #28728]
Journal Article 1956 van der Sleen, W. G. N. Trade-wind beads Man [van 1956 #28784]
Journal Article 1952 Nebesky-Wojkowitz, R. Prehistoric beads from Tibet Man [Nebesky-Wojkowitz, 1952 #29065]
Journal Article 1982 Woodburn, J. Egalitarian societies Man [Woodburn, 1982 #29243]
Journal Article 1933 MacKay, Ernest Decorated carnelian beads Man [MacKay, 1933 #29350]
Journal Article 1965 Lamb, A. Some glass beads from the Malay peninsula Man [Lamb, 1965 #29401]
Journal Article 1965 Harrisson, Tom The study of beads Man [Harrisson, 1965 #29584]
Journal Article 1988 Pfaffenberger, Bryan Fetishised objects and humanised nature: towards an anthropology of technology Man [Pfaffenberger, 1988 #29753]
Journal Article 1932 Codrington, K. de B. Tibetan etched agate beads Man [Codrington, 1932 #29862]
Journal Article 1945 Childe, Vere Gordon Directional changes in funerary practices during 50,000 years Man [Childe, 1945 #29879]
Journal Article 1936 Stein Callenfels, P. V. van Recent discoveries of skulls and pleistocene stone implements in Java Man [Stein 1936 #30275]
Journal Article 1935 Collings, H. D. The tacheometer in archaeological excavation Man [Collings, 1935 #31332]
Journal Article 1904 Swan, Robert M. W. Note on stone implements from Pahang Man [Swan, 1904 #31386]
Journal Article 1973 Stargardt, J. Southern Thai waterways: archaeological evidence in agriculture, shipping, and trade in the Srivijayan period Man [Stargardt, 1973 #31398]
Journal Article 1960 Matthews, John M. A note on the rock paintings recently discovered near Ipoh, Perak Man [Matthews, 1960 #31603]
Journal Article 1939 Evans, Ivor H. N. Notes on two types of stone implements from the Malay Peninsula Man [Evans, 1939 #31655]
Journal Article 1928 Evans, Ivor H. N. Stone celts from northern Burma Man [Evans, 1928 #31657]
Journal Article 1901 Balfour, H. A spear-head and socketed celt in bronze from the Shan States, Burma Man [Balfour, 1901 #31957]
Journal Article 1930 Beck, Horace C. Notes on sundry Asiatic beads Man [Beck, 1930 #31948]
Journal Article 1957 Maringer, John Some stone tools of early Hoabinhian type from Central Japan Man [Maringer, 1957 #33769]
Journal Article 1958 Loewenstein, Prince John The 'Eskimo "Ulu"' in the Malayan Neolithic Man [Loewenstein, 1958 #34002]
Journal Article 1964 Harrisson, Tom Monochrome glass beads from Malaysia and elsewhere Man [Harrisson, 1964 #33997]
Journal Article 1952 Barth, Fredrik Southern Mongoloid migration Man [Barth, 1952 #34092]
Journal Article 1937 Quaritch-Wales, H. G. Some ancient human skeletons excavated in Siam Man [Quaritch-Wales, 1937 #34448]
Journal Article 1964 Quaritch-Wales, H. G. 'Some ancient human skeletons excavated in Siam': a correction Man [Quaritch-Wales, 1964 #34447]
Journal Article 1974 Ellen, Roy Pottery manufacture and trade in the central Moluccas, Indonesia: the modern situation and the historical implications Man [Ellen, 1974 #34835]
Journal Article 1922 Chinnery, E. W. P. Piper methysticum in betel chewing Man [Chinnery, 1922 #35012]