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Journal Article 1978 The Archaeological Team of Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region, 平乐银山岭战国墓 (Excavation of a warring states’ cemetery at Ying-Shan-Ling in P’ing-Lo county, Kwangsi) Kaogu Xuebao [The 1978 #28342]
Journal Article 1977 The Yunnan Provincial Museum Yuanmou Dadunzi Xinshiqi shidai yizhi (the neolithic site at Ta-Tun-Tzu in Yuan-Mou county, Yunnan province) Kaogu Xuebao [The 1977 #28347]
Journal Article 2002 Yunnan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Dali Prefectural CPAMand Yongping County CPAM, Yunnan Yongping Xinguang yizhi fajue baogao (excavation of the Xinguang site in Yongping, Yunnan Kaogu Xuebao [Yunnan 2002 #28346]
Journal Article 1978 Henan Provincial Museum The iron and steel making techniques of the Han dynasty in Henan Kaogu Xuebao [Henan 1978 #29535]