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Journal Article 2011 Bedford, S. Lapita burials, a new Lapita cemetery and post-Lapita burials from Malakula, Northern Vanuatu, Southwest Pacific Journal of Pacific Archaeology [Bedford, 2011 #27727]
Journal Article 2014 Plutniak, Sébastien New ceramic data from East Kalimantan: the cord-marked and red-slipped sherds of Liang Abu's layer 2 and Kalimantan's pottery chronology Journal of Pacific Archaeology [Plutniak, 2014 #27985]
Journal Article 2014 Pietrusewsky, Michael Polynesian origins: a biodistance study of mandibles from the late Lapita site of Reberrakival (SAC), Watom Island, Bismarck Archipelago Journal of Pacific Archaeology [Pietrusewsky, 2014 #28148]
Journal Article 2010 Szabó, Katherine Shell artefacts and shell-working within the Lapita cultural complex Journal of Pacific Archaeology [Szabó, 2010 #28188]