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Journal Article 1987 Nair, J. Endogenous nitrosation in the oral cavity of chewers while chewing betel quid with or without tobacco IARC Scientific Publications [Nair, 1987 #35113]
Journal Article 1984 Stich, H. F. Dietary phenolics and betel nut extracts as modifiers of N-nitrosation in rat and man IARC Scientific Publications [Stich, 1984 #35039]
Journal Article 1991 Sundqvist, K. Areca-nut toxicity in cultured human buccal epithelial cells IARC Scientific Publications [Sundqvist, 1991 #35025]
Journal Article 1988 Friesen, M. Formation of reactive oxygen species and of 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine in DNA in vitro with betel-quid ingredients IARC Scientific Publications [Friesen, 1988 #34923]