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Journal Article 1981 Peterson, Jean Treloggen Game, farming, and interethnic relations in northeastern Luzon, Philippines Human Ecology [Peterson, 1981 #26945]
Journal Article 1978 Eder, James F. The caloric returns to food collecting: disruption and change among the Batak of the Philippine tropical forest Human Ecology [Eder, 1978 #28507]
Journal Article 1986 Hart, T. The ecological basis of hunter-gatherer subsistence in African rain forests: the Mbuti of eastern Zaire Human Ecology [Hart, 1986 #29580]
Journal Article 1991 Endicott, Kirk The possibility of independent foraging in the rain forest of peninsular Malaysia Human Ecology [Endicott, 1991 #30215]
Journal Article 1997 Terrell, John Edward The postponed agenda: archaeology and human biogeography in the twenty-first century Human Ecology [Terrell, 1997 #31844]
Journal Article 2000 Hunt, Robert C. Labor productivity and agricultural development: Boserup revisited Human Ecology [Hunt, 2000 #31843]
Journal Article 2003 Grünbühel, Clemens M. Socioeconomic metabolism and colonization of natural processes in SangSaeng Village: material and energy flows, land use, and cultural change in northeast Thailand Human Ecology [Grünbühel, 2003 #31842]
Journal Article 1991 Bahuchet, Serge Wild yams revisited: is independence from agriculture possible for rain forest hunter-gatherers Human Ecology [Bahuchet, 1991 #34801]
Journal Article 1991 Bailey, Robert C. The tropical rain forest: is it a productive environment for human foragers? Human Ecology [Bailey, 1991 #34799]
Journal Article 1987 Headland, Thomas N. The wild yam question: how well could independent hunter-gatherers live in a tropical rain forest ecosystem Human Ecology [Headland, 1987 #34675]
Journal Article 1984 Hill, Kim Seasonal variance in the diet of Ache hunter-gatherers in Eastern Paraguay Human Ecology [Hill, 1984 #34664]
Journal Article 1987 Hurtado, Magdalena A. Early dry season subsistence ecology of Cuiva (Hiwi) foragers of Venezuela Human Ecology [Hurtado, 1987 #34658]
Journal Article 1980 Winterhalder, Bruce Environmental analysis in human evolution and adaptation research Human Ecology [Winterhalder, 1980 #34433]
Journal Article 1991 Brosius, J. Peter Foraging in tropical rain forests: the case of the Penan of Sarawak, East Malaysia (Borneo) Human Ecology [Brosius, 1991 #34814]