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Journal Article 2007 Webb, Gregory E. Cryptic meteoric diagnesis in freshwater bivalves: implications for radiocarbon dating Geology [Webb, 2007 #28008]
Journal Article 1996 Thanh, Tong-Dzuy Fish suggests continental connections between the Indochina and South China blocks in Middle Devonian time Geology [Thanh, 1996 #28390]
Journal Article 1999 Jolivet, Laurent Oligocene-Miocene Bu Khang extensional gneiss dome in Vietnam: geodynamic implications Geology [Jolivet, 1999 #28413]
Journal Article 2001 Carter, Andrew Understanding Mesozoic accretion in Southeast Asia: Significance of Triassic thermotectonism (Indosinian orogeny) in Vietnam Geology [Carter, 2001 #28443]
Journal Article 1995 Chung, Sun-Lin Plume-lithosphere interaction in generation of the Emeishan flood basalts at the Permian-Triassic boundary Geology [Chung, 1995 #28442]
Thesis 1981 Bunopas, S. Paleogeographic history of western Thailand and adjacent parts of South-East Asia : a plate tectonics interpretation Geology [Bunopas, 1981 #36344]
Journal Article 1987 Barr, Sandra M. Nan River suture zone, northern Thailand Geology [Barr, 1987 #28449]
Journal Article 1995 Farrant, Andrew R. Long-term quaternary uplift rates inferred from limestone caves in Sarawak, Malaysia Geology [Farrant, 1995 #28505]
Book Section in a Series 1934 Tokunaga, Shigeyasu Fossil remains excavated at Ku-hsiang-tung near Harbin Geology [Tokunaga, 1934 #25689]