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Journal Article 2019 Hamilton, Elizabeth G. An abandoned city in Laos Expedition [Hamilton, 2019 #19046]
Magazine Article 2010 Hamilton, Elizabeth Penn Museum in Laos Expedition [Hamilton, 2010 #36029]
Journal Article 1988 Chin, Lucas Trade objects: their impact on the cultures of the indigenous peoples of Sarawak, Borneo Expedition [Chin, 1988 #28127]
Journal Article 1975 Thapar, B. K. Kalibangan: a Harappan metropolis beyond the Indus Valley Expedition [Thapar, 1975 #28742]
Journal Article 1981 Possehl, Gregory Cambay beadmaking: an ancient craft in modern India Expedition [Possehl, 1981 #28934]
Journal Article 2001 Hamilton, Elizabeth Bronze from Ban Chiang, Thailand: A View from the Laboratory Expedition [Hamilton, 2001 #29212]
Journal Article 1981 Gwinnett, A. J. Close work without magnifying lenses?: a hypothetical explanation for the ability of ancient craftsmen to effect minute detail Expedition [Gwinnett, 1981 #29621]
Journal Article 1986 Gwinnet, A. J. The change from stone drills to copper drills in Bronze Age Mesopotamia: an experimental perspective Expedition [Gwinnet, 1986 #29619]
Journal Article 1983 Gorelick, L Ancient Egyptian stone-drilling: an experimental perspective on a scholarly disagreement Expedition [Gorelick, 1983 #29639]
Journal Article 1995 University of Pennsylvania Museum Illuminating the past: art and artists of the Ban Chiang Project Expedition [University 1995 #29674]
Journal Article 1995 Engelhardt, R. A. Two thousand years of engineering genius on the Angkor Plain (Cambodia) Expedition [Engelhardt, 1995 #29762]
Journal Article 1982 Charoenwongsa, Pisit Ban Chiang in retrospect: what the expedition means to archaeologists and the Thai public Expedition [Charoenwongsa, 1982 #29893]
Journal Article 1986 Begley, Vemala Rouletting and chattering: a decoration on ancient and present day pottery in India Expedition [Begley, 1986 #29959]
Journal Article 2006 Given, Olivia Forging partnerships in Laos: archaeological survey using mobile GIS Expedition [Given, 2006 #30235]
Journal Article 1976 Muhly, James D. University Museum-Thai Fine Arts Department Northeast Thailand Archaeological Project Expedition [Muhly, 1976 #30414]
Journal Article 1972 Hedrick, John D. The problem of Polynesian origin Expedition [Hedrick, 1972 #33898]
Journal Article 1985 Wang Ningsheng, Rock paintings in Yunnan, China: some new light on the Old Shan kingdom Expedition [Wang 1985 #33909]
Journal Article 1982 White, Joyce C. Natural history investigations at Ban Chiang Expedition [White, 1982 #34437]
Journal Article 1991 Longacre, William A. Ethnoarchaeology at the top of the world Expedition [Longacre, 1991 #34830]
Journal Article 1999 Penny, Daniel Pollen grains in sands of time: lake sediments contribute to the archaeology of Thailand Expedition [Penny, 1999 #35449]
Journal Article 1977 Lyons, Elizabeth Southeast Asia Expedition [Lyons, 1977 #35511]
Journal Article 1976 Gorman, Chester Francis Ban Chiang: a mosaic of impressions from the first two years Expedition [Gorman, 1976 #35691]
Journal Article 1982 Yen, Douglas E. Ban Chiang pottery and rice: a discussion of the inclusions in the pottery matrix Expedition [Yen, 1982 #35653]
Journal Article 1982 White, Joyce C. Processing the Ban Chiang finds Expedition [White, 1982 #36022]
Journal Article 1982 Lyons, Elizabeth The road to Ban Chiang: a dialogue of events leading to the University Museum's participation in the expedition Expedition [Lyons, 1982 #36010]
Journal Article 1982 Hastings, John Potsherds into printouts: the Ban Chiang computer project Expedition [Hastings, 1982 #35899]
Journal Article 1982 Higham, Charles F. W. Prehistoric man and his environment: evidence from the Ban Chiang faunal remains Expedition [Higham, 1982 #35893]
Journal Article 1976 Schauffler, William Archaeological survey and excavation of Ban Chiang culture sites in northeast Thailand Expedition [Schauffler, 1976 #35885]
Journal Article 1982 Pietrusewsky, Michael The ancient inhabitants of Ban Chiang: the evidence from the human skeletal and dental remains Expedition [Pietrusewsky, 1982 #35883]
Journal Article 1982 Pigott, Vincent C. The innovation of iron: cultural dynamics in technological change Expedition [Pigott, 1982 #35853]