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Journal Article 1974 Davis, Richard Tolerance and intolerance of ambiguity in northern Thai myth and ritual Ethnology [Davis, 1974 #27877]
Journal Article 1966 Clarke, William C. From extensive to intensive shifting cultivation: a succession from New Guinea Ethnology [Clarke, 1966 #27914]
Journal Article 1969 Tambiah, Stanley J. Animals are good to think and good to prohibit Ethnology [Tambiah, 1969 #30462]
Journal Article 1965 Barrau, Jacques Witness of the past: notes on some food plants of Oceania Ethnology [Barrau, 1965 #33895]
Journal Article 1966 Moerman, Michael Kinship and commerce in a Thai-Lue village Ethnology [Moerman, 1966 #35233]
Journal Article 1972 Condominas, Georges Aspects of economics among the Mnong Gar of Vietnam: multiple money and the middleman Ethnology [Condominas, 1972 #35302]