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Thesis 2009 Lustig, Eileen Joan Power and pragmatism in the political economy of Angkor Department of Archaeology [Lustig, 2009 #36312]
Thesis 2010 Issarawan Yoopom, The study of ancient iron-smelting furnaces at Ban Khao Din Tai, Ban Kruad district, Buri Ram province Department of Archaeology [Issarawan 2010 #36324]
Thesis 1985 Siripanith, S. An analytical study on pottery from the excavation at Ban Thakae, Muang District, Lopburi Province Department of Archaeology [Siripanith, 1985 #36352]
Thesis 2002 Chap Sopheara Ceramics from Anlong Thom Department of Archaeology [Chap 2002 #36357]
Thesis 2001 Bubpha, Sureeratana The ethnoarchaeological study of ceramic ecology at Ban Hua Bueng, Khon Kaen Province Department of Archaeology [Bubpha, 2001 #36361]
Thesis 2007 Hendrickson, Mitch J. Arteries of empire: an operational study of transport and communication in Angkorian Southeast Asia (9th to 15th centuries CE) Department of Archaeology [Hendrickson, 2007 #36373]
Thesis 2007 Barretto-Tesoro, Grace Social identities and earthenware functions in 15th century AD Philippines Department of Archaeology [Barretto-Tesoro, 2007 #36383]
Thesis 1995 Silapi, Kesibi A study of ceramic types from the archaeological site Phu Noi, Tambon Chon Muang, Amphae Ban Ni, Copburi Province Department of Archaeology [Silapi, 1995 #36410]
Thesis 1981 Noksakul, Damrongkiart A study of the culture and the environment of an ancient community at Khok Phanom Di, Changwat Chonburi Department of Archaeology [Noksakul, 1981 #36420]