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Journal Article 1985 Nair, J. Tobacco-specific and betel nut-specific N-nitroso compounds: occurrence in saliva and urine of betel quid chewers and formation in vitro by nitrosation of betel quid Carcinogenesis [Nair, 1985 #35112]
Journal Article 1990 Nair, U. J. Effect of lime composition on the formation of reactive oxygen species from areca nut extract in vitro Carcinogenesis [Nair, 1990 #35110]
Journal Article 1995 Nair, U. J. Ortho- and meta-tyrosine formation from phenylalanine in human saliva as a marker of hydroxyl radical generation during betel quid chewing Carcinogenesis [Nair, 1995 #35109]
Journal Article 1981 Pai, S. R. Long-term feeding study in C17 mice administered saccharin coated betel nut and 1,4-dinitrosopiperazine in combination Carcinogenesis [Pai, 1981 #35103]
Journal Article 1986 Panigrahi, G. B. Study of the genotoxicity of the total aqueous extract of betel nut and its tannin Carcinogenesis [Panigrahi, 1986 #35100]
Journal Article 1994 Patel, R. K. Ethanol potentiates the clastogenicity of pan masala--an in vitro experience Carcinogenesis [Patel, 1994 #35098]
Journal Article 1995 Trivedi, A. H. Urine of tobacco/areca nut chewers causes genomic damage in Chinese hamster ovary cells [published erratum appears in Carcinogenesis 1995 May Carcinogenesis [Trivedi, 1995 #35079]
Journal Article 1984 Shirname, L. P. Mutagenicity of betel quid and its ingredients using mammalian test systems Carcinogenesis [Shirname, 1984 #35050]
Journal Article 1986 Dunn, B. P. 32P-postlabelling analysis of aromatic DNA adducts in human oral mucosal cells Carcinogenesis [Dunn, 1986 #34994]
Journal Article 1988 Ernst, H. Tumorigenicity study in Syrian hamsters fed areca nut together with nitrite Carcinogenesis [Ernst, 1988 #34991]