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Journal Article 1989 Ohshima, H. Identification in rats of N-nitrosonipecotic acid as a major urinary metabolite of the areca-nut alkaloid-derived nitrosamines, N nitrosoguvacoline and N-nitrosoguvacine Cancer Letters [Ohshima, 1989 #35118]
Journal Article 1984 Panigrahi, G. B. Induction of in vivo sister chromatid exchanges by arecaidine, a betel nut alkaloid, in mouse bone-marrow cells Cancer Letters [Panigrahi, 1984 #35101]
Journal Article 1993 van Wyk, C. W. The areca nut chewing habit and oral squamous cell carcinoma in South African Indians. A retrospective study Cancer Letters [van 1993 #35072]
Journal Article 1990 Yi, M. Response of fibroblast cultures from ataxia-telangiectasia patients to oxidative stress Cancer Letters [Yi, 1990 #35056]
Journal Article 1988 Stich, H. F. Response of oral leukoplakias to the administration of vitamin A Cancer Letters [Stich, 1988 #35038]
Journal Article 1986 Stich, H. F. Oral lesions, genotoxicity and nitrosamines in betel quid chewers with no obvious increase in oral cancer risk Cancer Letters [Stich, 1986 #35035]
Journal Article 1982 Stich, H. F. Chromosome-damaging activity of saliva of betel nut and tobacco chewers Cancer Letters [Stich, 1982 #35033]
Journal Article 1982 Stich, H. F. Elevated frequency of micronucleated cells in the buccal mucosa of individuals at high risk for oral cancer: betel quid chewers Cancer Letters [Stich, 1982 #35031]
Journal Article 1989 Stich, H. F. Promoting activity of betel quid ingredients and their inhibition by retinol Cancer Letters [Stich, 1989 #35029]
Journal Article 1988 Deahl, M. Betel nut-induced extrapyramidal syndrome: an unusual drug interactd at the completion of the trial period Cancer Letters [Deahl, 1988 #34997]
Journal Article 1996 Desai, S. S. Cytogenetic damage in exfoliated oral mucosal cells and circulating lymphocytes of patients suffering from precancerous oral lesions Cancer Letters [Desai, 1996 #34996]
Journal Article 1987 Giri, A. K. Introduction of sister chromatid exchange and dominant lethal mutation by "Kath" (Catechu) in male mice Cancer Letters [Giri, 1987 #34922]