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Journal Article 2008 Bulbeck, David An integrated perspective on the Austronesian diaspora: the switch from cereal agricultre to maritime foraging in the colonisation of island Southeast Asia Australian Archaeology [Bulbeck, 2008 #27736]
Journal Article 2008 Marwick, Ben Three styles of Darwinian evolution in the analysis of stone artefacts: which one to use in mainland Southeast Asia? Australian Archaeology [Marwick, 2008 #27949]
Journal Article 2012 Brumm, Adam Biface distributions and the Movius Line: a Southeast Asian perspective Australian Archaeology [Brumm, 2012 #27957]
Journal Article 2012 Porr, Martin North of the Southern Arc - the Mindoro Archaeological Research Program: a summary of the 2010 and 2011 fieldwork activities Australian Archaeology [Porr, 2012 #27968]
Journal Article 1997 Morwood, M. J. Stone artefacts from the 1994 excavation at Mata Menge, West Central Flores, Indonesia Australian Archaeology [Morwood, 1997 #29194]
Journal Article 2003 O’Connor, Sue Direct dating of shell beads from Lene Hara Cave, East Timor Australian Archaeology [O’Connor, 2003 #29282]
Journal Article 2001 Spriggs, Matthew Professorial inaugural address: future eaters in Australia, future eaters in the Pacific? Early human environmental impacts Australian Archaeology [Spriggs, 2001 #29297]
Journal Article 1983 Langford, R. F. Our heritage: your playground Australian Archaeology [Langford, 1983 #29395]
Journal Article 1976 McBryde, I. Seelands and Sai-Yok pebble tools: a further consideration Australian Archaeology [McBryde, 1976 #35395]
Journal Article 1988 Kiernan, Kevin Prehistoric occupation and burial sites in the mountains of the Nam Khong area, Mae Hong Son province, northwestern Thailand Australian Archaeology [Kiernan, 1988 #35684]