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Journal Article 1978 Griffin, B. Ethnoarchaeology of Agta hunter-gatherers Archaeology [Griffin, 1978 #27641]
Magazine Article 2005 Coates, Karen J. Plain of Jars Archaeology [Coates, 2005 #36030]
Thesis 2012 Evans, C. Joints of prehistoric Thailand: evidence of lower limb osteoarthritis in the Neolithic and bronze age at Ban Non Wat Archaeology [Evans, 2012 #36286]
Thesis 2002 Rabett, R. J. Bone technology and subsistence variability in prehistoric Southeast Asia Archaeology [Rabett, 2002 #36291]
Thesis 2004 Arifin, K. Early human occupation of the East Kalimantan Rainforest Archaeology [Arifin, 2004 #36296]
Thesis 2011 Hawken, S. Metropolis of ricefields: a topographic classification of a dispersed urban complex Archaeology [Hawken, 2011 #36298]
Thesis 2007 Evans, D. H. Putting Angkor on the map: a new survey of a Khmer 'hydraulic city' in historical and theortical context Archaeology [Evans, 2007 #36301]
Thesis 2006 Sarjeant, Carmen Iron age mortuary goods: a comparative study between Ban Non Wat and Noen U-Loke, northeast Thailand Archaeology [Sarjeant, 2006 #36316]
Thesis 1995 O'Reilly, Dougald J. W. An archaeological analysis of the initial occupation phase at Nong Nor, Thailand Archaeology [O'Reilly, 1995 #36323]
Journal Article 1990 Renfrew, Colin Collectors are the real looters Archaeology [Renfrew, 1990 #28890]
Thesis 2000 Prior, R. Early historic ceramics from Tra Kieu, central Vietnam Archaeology [Prior, 2000 #36355]
Journal Article 1981 Whitcomb, Donald Egypt and the spice trade Archaeology [Whitcomb, 1981 #29269]
Journal Article 1983 Grose, David The formation of the Roman glass industry Archaeology [Grose, 1983 #29630]
Journal Article 1965 Dales, G. F. New investigations at Mohenjodaro Archaeology [Dales, 1965 #29812]
Journal Article 1992 Ciochon, R. L. Land of the Cham Archaeology [Ciochon, 1992 #29870]
Journal Article 2006 Gidwitz, Tom Uncovering ancient Thailand Archaeology [Gidwitz, 2006 #30214]
Journal Article 1997 Bellwood, Peter Ancient seafarers Archaeology [Bellwood, 1997 #30222]
Journal Article 1961 Solheim, Wilhelm G. Archaeology in Borneo Archaeology [Solheim, 1961 #30286]
Journal Article 1953 Solheim, Wilhelm G. Philippine archaeology Archaeology [Solheim, 1953 #30285]
Thesis 1989 Lee-Thorp, Julia A. Stable carbon isotopes in deep time: The diets of fossil fauna and hominids Archaeology [Lee-Thorp, 1989 #36412]
Journal Article 1978 Griffin, P. Bion Ethnoarchaeology in the Philippines Archaeology [Griffin, 1978 #34874]
Journal Article 1977 Chang, Kwang-chih The continuing quest for China's origins. I. Early farmers in China Archaeology [Chang, 1977 #35304]
Journal Article 1957 Sullivan, Michael Archaeology in Thailand today Archaeology [Sullivan, 1957 #35435]
Journal Article 1983 White, Joyce C. Ban Chiang: discovery of a lost bronze age Archaeology [White, 1983 #35655]