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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 1936 Stein Callenfels, P. V. van L'industrie osseuse de Ngandong Anthropologie [Stein 1936 #30276]
Journal Article 1909 Mansuy, Henri Gisement prehistorique de la caverne de Pho-Binh-Gia (Tonkin) Anthropologie [Mansuy, 1909 #30522]
Journal Article 1980 Sartono, S. Homo erectus ngandongensis: the possible maker of the "Sangiran flakes" Anthropologie [Sartono, 1980 #30575]
Journal Article 1974 Aigner, Jean S. The dating of Lantian man and his significance for discerning trends in human evolution Anthropologie [Aigner, 1974 #34153]