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Journal Article 1947 Wheeler, Sir Robert Eric Mortimer Harappa 1946: the defences and cemetery R-37 Ancient India [Wheeler, 1947 #29272]
Journal Article 1946 Wheeler, R. E. M. Arikamedu: an Indo-Roman trading- station on the east coast of India Ancient India [Wheeler, 1946 #29271]
Journal Article 1948 Lal, B. B. Sisulpalgargh 1948: an early historical fort in eastern India Ancient India [Lal, 1948 #29410]
Journal Article 1958 Lal, B. B. Examination of rods of glass-like material from Arikamedu Ancient India [Lal, 1958 #29418]
Journal Article 1955 Lal, B. B. Excavation at Hastinapur and other explorations in the upper Ganga and Sutlej basins 1950-1952 Ancient India [Lal, 1955 #29417]
Journal Article 1948 Ghosh, Amalanada Taxila (Sirkap), 1944-5 Ancient India [Ghosh, 1948 #29669]
Journal Article 1952 Dikshit, M. G. Beads from Ahichhatra Ancient India [Dikshit, 1952 #29790]
Journal Article 1953 Srinivasen, K. R. Survey of south Indian megaliths Ancient India [Srinivasen, 1953 #31387]
Journal Article 1958 Lal, B. B. Birbhanpur, a microlithic site in the Damodar Valley Ancient India [Lal, 1958 #31630]