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Journal Article 1989 Hill, Kim Hunter-gatherers of the New World American Scientist [Hill, 1989 #29546]
Journal Article 1981 Chang, Kwang-chih In search of China's beginnings: new light on an old civilization American Scientist [Chang, 1981 #29897]
Journal Article 1987 DeNiro, Michael J. Stable isotope and archaeology American Scientist [DeNiro, 1987 #34741]
Journal Article 1982 van der Merwe, Nikolaas J. Carbon isotopes, photosynthesis, and archaeology American Scientist [van 1982 #34414]
Journal Article 1980 Ikawa-Smith, Fumiko Current issues in Japanese archaeology American Scientist [Ikawa-Smith, 1980 #35238]
Journal Article 1989 Molnar, Peter The geologic evolution of the Tibetan Plateau American Scientist [Molnar, 1989 #35578]
Journal Article 1979 Higham, Charles F. W. The economic basis of prehistoric Thailand American Scientist [Higham, 1979 #35948]
Journal Article 1972 Harris, David R. The origins of agriculture in the tropics American Scientist [Harris, 1972 #35917]