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Book 1996 Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Sisters in solitude: two traditions of Buddhist monastic ethics for women : a comparative analysis of the Chinese Dharmagupta and the Tibetan <i>Mūlāsarvāstivada Bhikṣuṇī Prātimokṣa sūtras</i> SUNY Series, Feminist Philosophy [Karma 1996 #19915]
Book 1992 Sage, Steven F. Ancient Sichuan and the unification of China [Sage, 1992 #20203]
Book 1998 Swearer, Donald K. The legend of Queen Cāma: Bodhiraṃsi's Cāmadevīvaṃsa, a translation and commentary SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies [Swearer, 1998 #19913]
Book 2010 Swearer, Donald K. The Buddhist world of Southeast Asia SUNY Series in Religious Studies [Swearer, 2010 #19916]