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Book Section 2017 Fiskesjö, Magnus Chinese autochtony and the Eurasian context: archaeology, mythmaking and Johan Gunnar Andersson's "Western Origins" Fitful histories and unruly publics: rethinking temporality and community in Eurasian archaeology [Fiskesjö, 2017 #22344]
Book Section 2015 Griffiths, Arlo Epigraphy: Southeast Asia Brill's encyclopedia of Buddhism [Griffiths, 2015 #22473]
Book (Edited) 2015 Silk, Jonathan A. Brill's encyclopedia of Buddhism [Silk, 2015 #21341]
Book Section 2015 Jenny, Mathias Old Mon The handbook of Austroasiatic languages [Jenny, 2015 #22475]
Book Section 2014 Stargardt, Janice Irrigation in south Thailand as a coping strategy against climate change: past and present Environmental and climate change in South and Southeast Asia: how are local cultures coping? [Stargardt, 2014 #22608]
Book in a Series 2010 Lim, Jason Linking an Asian transregional commerce in tea: overseas Chinese merchants in the Fujian-Singapore trade, 1920-1960 [Lim, 2010 #21672]
Book 2001 Tapp, Nicholas The Hmong of China: context, agency and the imaginary [Tapp, 2001 #20090]
Book 1971 Trautmann, Thomas R. Kautilya and the Arthasastra: a statistical investigation of the authorship and evolution of the text [Trautmann, 1971 #20139]
Book 1975 Casparsis, J. G. Indonesian palaeography: a history of writing in Indonesia from the beginnings to c. A.D. 1500 [Casparsis, 1975 #20707]
Book in a Series 2002 Jacq-Hergoualc'h, Michel The Malay Peninsula: crossroads of the maritime Silk Road (100 BC - 1300 AD) [Jacq-Hergoualc'h, 2002 #21866]
Book in a Series 2001 Dumarçay, Jacques Cambodian architecture, eighth to thirteenth centuries [Dumarçay, 2001 #21865]
Book in a Series 2000 Eade, J. C. Early Javanese inscriptions: a new dating method [Eade, 2000 #21864]
Book Section in a Series 1987 Hagesteijn, Renée R. The Angkor state: rise, fall and in between Early state dynamics [Hagesteijn, 1987 #26259]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1987 Claessen, Henri J. M. Early State Dynamics [Claessen, 1987 #22113]
Book 1972 Forbes, Robert James Studies in ancient technology [Forbes, 1972 #21269]