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Book 2011 Santasombat, Yos The River of Life: Changing Ecosystems of the Mekong Region [Santasombat, 2011 #19721]
Book 2011 Praicharnjit, Sayan Archaeology of Ceramics in Lãn Nã, Northern Siam [Praicharnjit, 2011 #19726]
Book 2011 Oxenham, M. F. Man Bac: the excavation of a neolithic site in northern Vietnam. The biology. [Oxenham, 2011 #19801]
Book 2011 Parreñas, Rhacel Salazar Illicit flirtations: labor, migration, and sex trafficking in Tokyo [Parreñas, 2011 #20028]
Book 2011 Miksic, John M. Rethinking cultural resource management in Southeast Asia : preservation, development, and neglect [Miksic, 2011 #20050]
Book 2011 Streckfuss, David Truth on trial in Thailand: defamation, treason, and lèse-majesté Rethinking Southeast Asia [Streckfuss, 2011 #20054]
Book 2011 Fjelstad, Karen Spirits without borders: Vietnamese spirit mediums in a transnational age [Fjelstad, 2011 #20061]
Book 2011 Swe, Thein Cashing in across the Golden Triangle [Swe, 2011 #20086]
Book 2011 Tooker, Deborah E. Space and the production of cultural difference among the Akha prior to globalization [Tooker, 2011 #20102]
Book 2011 Hall, Derek Powers of exclusion: land dilemmas in Southeast Asia [Hall, 2011 #20103]
Book 2011 McDaniel, Justin Thomas The lovelorn ghost and the magical monk: practicing Buddhism in modern Thailand [McDaniel, 2011 #20107]
Book (Edited) 2011 Gibson, Thomas Anarchic solidarity: autonomy, equality, and fellowship in Southeast Asia Yale Southeast Asian Studies Monograph [Gibson, 2011 #21375]
Book (Edited) 2011 Hauser-Schäublin, Brigatta World Heritage Angkor and beyond : circumstances and implications of UNESCO listings in Cambodia Göttinger Studien zu Cultural Property [Hauser-Schäublin, 2011 #21400]
Book (Edited) 2011 Capistrano-Baker, Florina H. Philippine ancestral gold [Capistrano-Baker, 2011 #21402]
Book (Edited) 2011 Ron L. Adams Residential burial: a multiregional exploration Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association [Ron 2011 #21408]
Book (Edited) 2011 Miksic, John N. Rethinking Cultural Resource Management in Southeast Asia: Preservation, Development, and Neglect [Miksic, 2011 #21410]
Book (Edited) 2011 Enfield, N. J. Dynamics of human diversity: the case of mainland Southeast Asia Pacific Linguistics [Enfield, 2011 #21411]
Book (Edited) 2011 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia: reflections on cross-cultural exchange Nalanda-Sriwijaya Series [Manguin, 2011 #21412]
Book (Edited) 2011 Sikor, Thomas Upland transformations in Vietnam [Sikor, 2011 #21435]
Book (Edited) 2011 Bunker, Emma C. Khmer bronzes: new interpretations of the past [Bunker, 2011 #21436]
Book in a Series 2011 Liu, Hong China and the shaping of Indonesia, 1949–1965 [Liu, 2011 #21674]
Book in a Series 2011 Chie Ikeya, Refiguring women, colonialism, and modernity in Burma [Chie 2011 #21675]
Book in a Series 2011 Endres, Kirsten W. Performing the divine: mediums, markets and modernity in urban Vietnam [Endres, 2011 #21677]
Book in a Series 2011 Yoshinori Nishizaki, Political authority and provincial identity in Thailand: the making of Banharn-buri [Yoshinori 2011 #21678]
Book in a Series 2011 Bouté, Vanina En miroir du pouvoir : les Phounoy du Nord-Laos, ethnogenèse et dynamiques d'intégration [Bouté, 2011 #21679]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2011 Bronner, Yigal South Asian texts in history: critical engagements with Sheldon Pollock [Bronner, 2011 #22035]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2011 Yew, Leong Alterities in Asia: reflections on identity and regionalism [Yew, 2011 #22041]
Book Section 2011 Bellwood, Peter Taiwan jade in the Philippines: 3000 years of trade and long-distance interaction Paths of Origins: Austronesia in the Collections of the National Museum of the Philippines [Bellwood, 2011 #22316]
Book Section 2011 Belharte, S. The ecological view: management of woody perennials and the transition to vegeculture in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Why cultivate? Anthropological and archaeological approaches to foraging farming transitions in Southeast Asia [Belharte, 2011 #22353]
Book Section 2011 Barton, H. Prehistoric vegeculture and social life in island Southeast Asia and Melanesia Anthropological and archaeological approaches to foraging-farming transitions in southeast Asia [Barton, 2011 #22354]