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Journal Article 2009 Argue, D. <i>Homo floresiensis:</i> a cladistic analysis Journal of Human Evolution [Argue, 2009 #26637]
Journal Article 2009 Westaway, K. E. <i>Homo floresiensis</i> and the late Pleistocene environments of eastern Indonesia: defining the nature of the relationship Quaternary Science Reviews [Westaway, 2009 #28578]
Conference Paper 2009 Beavan-Athfield, Nancy 15th-17th century jar burials in the Cardamom Mountains, Kingdom of Cambodia: a multidisciplinary investigation of secondary burials Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Hanoi Conference [Beavan-Athfield, 2009 #26432]
Journal Article 2009 Piper, Philip J. A 4000-year old introduction of domestic pigs into the Philippine archipelago: implications for understanding routes of human migration through island Southeast Asia and Wallacea Antiquity [Piper, 2009 #26798]
Journal Article 2009 Acabado, Stephen A Bayesian approach to dating agricultural terraces: a case from the Philippines Antiquity [Acabado, 2009 #26796]
Journal Article 2009 Oxenham, M. F. A case of lower limb paralysis in an adult male dated to 3800-3400 BP, northern Vietnam: implications for quality of life and care HOMO [Oxenham, 2009 #27677]
Journal Article 2009 Dinh Quoc Phuong, A conservation perspective on the Ba Dinh archaeological site Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Dinh 2009 #29083]
Journal Article 2009 Wong, Sharon Wai Yee A glimpse at Southeast Asian ceramics publications SPAFA Journal [Wong, 2009 #28902]
Journal Article 2009 Higham, Charles A new chronological framework for prehistoric Southeast Asia, based on a Bayesian model from Ban Non Wat Antiquity [Higham, 2009 #29042]
Thesis 2009 Wong, Sharon Wai Yee A preliminary study on some economic activities of Khmer Empire: examining the relationship between the Khmer and Guangdong ceramic industries during the 9th-14th centuries Southeast Asian Studies [Wong, 2009 #36362]
Journal Article 2009 Seylon, Raman A reconstruction of an "officially expunged" kingdom in colonial South India: Panjalamkurinchi through memory and archaeology Asian Perspectives (2009) [Seylon, 2009 #29225]
Document 2009 A training manual for UNESCAP-LNTA-DolC guide training workshop at the Plain of Jars archaeological landscape, Lao PDR [ 2009 #26584]
Journal Article 2009 Patole-Edoumba, Elise A typo-technological definition of Tabonian industries Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Patole-Edoumba, 2009 #29089]
Journal Article 2009 Denham, Tim Agricultural emergence and transformation in the Upper Wahgi valley, Papua New Guinea, during the Holocene: theory, method and practice Holocene [Denham, 2009 #28596]
Journal Article 2009 Summerhayes, Glenn R. An Austronesian presence in southern Japan: early occupation in the Yaemama Islands Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Summerhayes, 2009 #29081]
Journal Article 2009 Wade, Geoff An early age of commerce in Southeast Asia, 900-1300 CE Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Wade, 2009 #26987]
Book Section 2009 Han, Rubin An early iron-using centre in the ancient Jin state region (8th-3rd Century B.C.) Metallurgy and civilisation: Eurasia and beyond [Han, 2009 #22428]
Journal Article 2009 McGovern, Patrick E. Ancient Egyptian herbal wines PNAS [McGovern, 2009 #28764]
Book (Edited) 2009 Peregrine, Peter N. Ancient human migrations: a multidisciplinary approach [Peregrine, 2009 #21425]
Journal Article 2009 Dobberstein, R. Archaeological collagen: why worry about collagen diagenesis Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Dobberstein, 2009 #27669]
Book (Edited) 2009 Bayard, Donn Archaeological excavations at Non Nok Tha, northeastern Thailand 1965-1968: region, state, and synthesis [Bayard, 2009 #21401]
Journal Article 2009 White, Joyce C. Archaeological investigations in northern Laos: new contributions to Southeast Asian prehistory Antiquity [White, 2009 #28198]
Report 2009 Miksic, John Archaeological report on the Thnal Mrech Kiln Site (TMK 02) Anlong Thom, Phnom Kulen, Cambodia [Miksic, 2009 #36186]
Journal Article 2009 Noerwidi, Sofwan Archaeological research at Kendeng Lembu, East Java, Indonesia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Noerwidi, 2009 #29088]
Journal Article 2009 Trinh Nang Chung, Archaeological sites in Ba Be National Park Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Trinh 2009 #29085]
Journal Article 2009 Gani, Nicholas Archaeological survey and excavation at Gua Tupak, Bau, Sarawak Sarawak Museum Journal [Gani, 2009 #27969]
Report 2009 Cawte, H. J. Archaeometallurgical investigations at Baolo and Dragon Field, Savannakhet Province, Laos: stage 1 recommendations and results provided to Lang Xiang Mineral Ltd. [Cawte, 2009 #36157]
Journal Article 2009 Karklins, Karlis Beads from the Wreck of the Dutch East Indiaman <i>de Liefde</i> (1711) BEADS: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers [Karklins, 2009 #28125]
Journal Article 2009 Ramil, Z Beads trade in peninsula Malaysia: based on archaeological evidences European Journal of Social Sciences [Ramil, 2009 #28107]
Journal Article 2009 Marwick, Ben Biogeography of Middle Pleistocene hominins in mainland Southeast Asia: a review of current evidence Quaternary International [Marwick, 2009 #28199]