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Book 2009 Degroot, Véronique Candi, space and landscape: a study on the distribution, orientation and spatial organization of central Javanese temple remains Mededelingen van het Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde [Degroot, 2009 #19808]
Book 2009 Klein, R. G. The human career: human biological and cultural origins [Klein, 2009 #19811]
Book 2009 Scott, James C. The art of not being governed: an anarchist history of Upland Southeast Asia Yale Agrarian Studies [Scott, 2009 #20000]
Book 2009 Pongpanich, Bunchar (บัญชา พงษ์พานิช) รอยลูกปัด (Beyond beads) [Pongpanich, 2009 #20006]
Book 2009 Duday, Henri The Archaeology of the Dead: Lectures in Archaeothanatology [Duday, 2009 #20046]
Book 2009 Werner, Jayne Susan Gender, household and state in post-revolutionary Vietnam ASAA women in Asia [Werner, 2009 #20052]
Book 2009 Brocheux, Pierre Indochina: an ambiguous colonization, 1858-1954 [Brocheux, 2009 #20055]
Book 2009 Dennell, Robin The Paleolithic settlement of Asia [Dennell, 2009 #20230]
Book 2009 Osaka Ohtani University Museum Khnar Po B1 Kiln Site Excavation Report [Osaka 2009 #20291]
Book 2009 Brown, Roxanna M. The Ming gap and shipwreck ceramics in Southeast Asia: towards a chronology of Thai trade ware [Brown, 2009 #20308]
Book 2009 Calo, Ambra The distribution of bronze drums in early Southeast Asia trade routes and cultural spheres [Calo, 2009 #20345]
Book (Edited) 2009 Reinecke, Andreas The first golden age of Cambodia: excavation at Prohear [Reinecke, 2009 #21335]
Book (Edited) 2009 Bayard, Donn Archaeological excavations at Non Nok Tha, northeastern Thailand 1965-1968: region, state, and synthesis [Bayard, 2009 #21401]
Book (Edited) 2009 Peregrine, Peter N. Ancient human migrations: a multidisciplinary approach [Peregrine, 2009 #21425]
Book (Edited) 2009 Bourdier, Frédéric Development and dominion: indigenous peoples of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos [Bourdier, 2009 #21427]
Book (Edited) 2009 Miksic, John N. Southeast Asian ceramics: new light on old pottery [Miksic, 2009 #21455]
Book in a Series 2009 Thawatchai Rāmmanat, ลูกปัดและเครื่องประดับโบราณ (Pre-history ornament & beads in Thailand) [Thawatchai 2009 #21668]
Book in a Series 2009 Davis, Richard H. Global India circa 100 CE : South Asia in early world history [Davis, 2009 #21680]
Book in a Series 2009 Shelach, Gideon Prehistoric societies on the northern frontiers of China: archaeological perspectives on identity formation and economic change during the first millennium BCE [Shelach, 2009 #21683]
Book in a Series 2009 Peterson, S. E. Thin-section petrography of ceramic materials [Peterson, 2009 #21688]
Book in a Series 2009 Nishimura, Masanari The excavation of Da Kai: a Neolithic circular settlement site in the upper reach of the Dong Nai River, southern Vietnam [Nishimura, 2009 #21700]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2009 Perret, Daniel Histoire de Barus III: regards sur une place marchande de l'océan Indien (XIIe-milieu du XVIIes) [Perret, 2009 #22027]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2009 Higham, C. F. W. The origins of the civilization of Angkor, vol. 3: the excavation of Ban Non Wat, part one: introduction [Higham, 2009 #22038]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2009 Braunmuller, Kurt Convergence and divergence in language contact situations [Braunmuller, 2009 #22040]
Book Section 2009 Chhay, V. Preliminary results of the Anlong Thom kiln excavation on Phnom Kulen in Angkor: a case study of ALK01 The Fourth Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art: studies of historic Asian ceramics using scientific methods [Chhay, 2009 #22338]
Book Section 2009 Reinecke, Andreas Early cultures (first millennium B.C. to second century A.D.) Arts of ancient Viet Nam: from river plain to open sea [Reinecke, 2009 #22413]
Book Section 2009 Wu Go, From Western Asia to the Tianshan Muntains: on the early iron artefacts found in Xinjiang Metallurgy and civilisation: Eurasia and beyond [Wu 2009 #22421]
Book Section 2009 Han, Rubin An early iron-using centre in the ancient Jin state region (8th-3rd Century B.C.) Metallurgy and civilisation: Eurasia and beyond [Han, 2009 #22428]
Book Section 2009 Gilmour, Brian Specialization in iron- and steel-making in the early Middle East and Central Asia: assumptions and a reassessment of early manuscript evidence Metallurgy and civilisation: Eurasia and beyond [Gilmour, 2009 #22429]
Book Section 2009 Frachetti, Michael D. Differentiated landscapes and non-uniform complexity among bronze age societies of the Eurasian Steppe Social complexity in prehistoric Eurasia: monuments, metals, and mobility [Frachetti, 2009 #22430]