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BAR Book 1988 Moore, Elizabeth H. Moated sites in early north east Thailand [Moore, 1988 #19648]
BAR Book 1988 Vincent, Brian A. Prehistoric ceramics of northeastern Thailand, with special reference to Ban Na Di [Vincent, 1988 #19650]
Book 1988 Cheesman, Patricia Lao textiles: ancient symbols-living art [Cheesman, 1988 #19844]
Book 1988 Than Tun Essays on the history of Buddhism of Burma [Than 1988 #19878]
Book 1988 Mellema, R.L. Wayang puppets: carving, colouring, symbolism Bulletin (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen) [Mellema, 1988 #19960]
Book 1988 Clutton-Brock, Juliet A natural history of domesticated mammals [Clutton-Brock, 1988 #19977]
Book 1988 Pookajorn, Surin Archaeological Research of the Hoabinhian Culture or Technocomplex and its Comparison with Ethnoarchaeology of the Phi Tong Luang, a Hunter-Gatherer Group of Thailand Archaeologica Venatoria [Pookajorn, 1988 #20047]
Book 1988 Thomason, Sarah Grey Language contact, creolization, and genetic linguistics [Thomason, 1988 #20080]
Book 1988 Brown, Roxanna M. The ceramics of South-East Asia: their dating and identification [Brown, 1988 #20273]
Book 1988 Goddio, Franck Discovery and archaeological excavation of a 16th century trading vessel in the Philippines [Goddio, 1988 #20311]
Book 1988 Chin, Lucas Ceramics in the Sarawak Museum [Chin, 1988 #20342]
Book 1988 Miksic, John N. Small finds: ancient Javanese gold [Miksic, 1988 #20371]
Book 1988 Mathur, Asharani Indian bronze masterpieces: the great tradition [Mathur, 1988 #20391]
Book 1988 Tainter, Joseph A. The collapse of complex societies [Tainter, 1988 #20434]
Book 1988 Hsin-ju Liu, Ancient India and ancient China: trade and religious exchanges, AD 1-600 [Hsin-ju 1988 #20437]
Book 1988 Myung Jin Kim, Megaliths in East Asia with particular reference to Indonesia [Myung 1988 #20464]
Book 1988 Gellner, Ernest Plough, sword and book: the structure of human history [Gellner, 1988 #20560]
Book 1988 Francis, Peter, Jr. The glass trade beads of Europe: their manufacture, their history, and their identification [Francis, 1988 #20580]
Book 1988 Erdosy, George Urbanisation in early historic India [Erdosy, 1988 #20604]
Book 1988 Barnes, J. W. Ores and minerals: introducing economic geology [Barnes, 1988 #20654]
Book 1988 Bailey, G. N. The archaeology of prehistoric coastlines [Bailey, 1988 #20764]
Book 1988 Anderson, Eugene N. The food of China [Anderson, 1988 #20777]
Book 1988 Allen, S. Jane Trade, transportation, and tributaries: exchange, agriculture and settlement distribution in early historic-period Kedah, Malaysia [Allen, 1988 #20781]
Book 1988 Mysliwiec, Eva Punishing the poor : the international isolation of Kampuchea [Mysliwiec, 1988 #20833]
Book 1988 McNeely, Jeffrey A. Soul of the tiger : searching for nature's answers in exotic Southeast Asia [McNeely, 1988 #20835]
Book 1988 Lertrit, Sawang The moated town of Yarang [Lertrit, 1988 #20993]
Book 1988 Fine Arts Department Archaeological sites in Thailand. Part 2: central Thailand [Fine 1988 #21026]
Book 1988 Barber, Paul Vampires, burial and death: folklore and reality [Barber, 1988 #21111]
Book 1988 Harrison, G. A. Human Biology. An introduction to human evolution, variation, growth, and adaptability [Harrison, 1988 #21130]
Book 1988 Cohen, Mark Nathan Health and the rise of civilization [Cohen, 1988 #21132]