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Book 1974 Trautmann, Thomas R. Kinship and history in South Asia [Trautmann, 1974 #20138]
Book 1974 Sankalia, Hasmukhal Dhirajlal The prehistory and protohistory of India and Pakistan [Sankalia, 1974 #20200]
Book 1974 Pirazzoli-t'Serstevens, M. La civilisation du royaume de Dian à l'époque Han d'après le matériel exhumé à Shizhai shan [Pirazzoli-t'Serstevens, 1974 #20242]
Book 1974 Lammers, Cheng Annamese ceramics in the Museum Pusat Jakarta [Lammers, 1974 #20327]
Book 1974 Leshnik, L. S. South Indian megalithic burials: the Pandukal complex [Leshnik, 1974 #20444]
Book 1974 Chard, Chester S. Northeast Asia in prehistory [Chard, 1974 #20693]
Book 1974 Andriesse, J. P. Tropical lowland peat deposits in Southeast Asia [Andriesse, 1974 #20773]
Book 1974 Agrawal, D. P. Prehistoric chronology and radiocarbon dating in India [Agrawal, 1974 #20791]
Book 1974 Suleiman, Satyawati Concise ancient history of Indonesia [Suleiman, 1974 #20813]
Book 1974 Gerini, Gerolamo Emilio Researches on Ptolemy's geography of Eastern Asia (Further India and Indo-Malay archipelago) [Gerini, 1974 #20830]
Book 1974 Yen, D. E. The sweet potato and Oceania: an essay in ethnobotany [Yen, 1974 #21011]
Book 1974 Boonyobhas, Chumni Satellite-photo forest resource surveys [Boonyobhas, 1974 #21085]
Book 1974 Peralta, Jesus T. Pre-Spanish Manila: a reconstruction of the pre-history of Manila [Peralta, 1974 #21160]
Book 1974 Morarjee, Sumati Tambula: tradition and art [Morarjee, 1974 #21171]
Book 1974 Price, J. A behavioral study of the effects of betel chewing. Report No. 7 [Price, 1974 #21173]
Book 1974 Knauth, P. The metalsmiths [Knauth, 1974 #21272]
Book 1974 Pitiphat, Sumitr Ban Chiang: past and present [Pitiphat, 1974 #21292]
Book 1974 Dozina, G. E. Upland rice farming in the Philippines [Dozina, 1974 #21299]
Book (Edited) 1974 UNESCO Natural resources of humid tropical Asia Natural Resources Research [UNESCO 1974 #21348]
Book (Edited) 1974 Hutchinson, Sir Joseph Evolutionary studies in world crops [Hutchinson, 1974 #21437]
Book in a Series 1974 Wernstedt, L. Philippine studies: geography, archaeology, psychology and literature [Wernstedt, 1974 #21658]
Book in a Series 1974 Benjamin, Geoffrey Prehistory and ethnology in Southeast Asia: some new ideas [Benjamin, 1974 #21871]
Book in a Series 1974 Hulthén, Birgitta On documentation of pottery [Hulthén, 1974 #21952]
Book in a Series 1974 Treistman, Judith The early cultures of Szechuan and Yunnan [Treistman, 1974 #21985]
Book in a Series 1974 Pietrusewsky, Michael Non Nok Tha: the human skeletal remains from the 1966 excavations at Non Nok Tha, northeastern Thailand [Pietrusewsky, 1974 #21987]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1974 Moore, Charlotte B. Reconstructing complex societies: an archaeological colloquium [Moore, 1974 #22072]
Book Section 1974 Brandt, Rolf A. M. The non-marine aquatic mollusca of Thailand [Brandt, 1974 #22343]
Book Section 1974 Pfeffer, P. Fauna of humid tropical asia Natural resources of humid tropical Asia [Pfeffer, 1974 #22537]
Book Section 1974 Hutchinson, Sir Joseph Crop plant evolution in the Indian subcontinent Evolutionary studies in world crops [Hutchinson, 1974 #23313]
Book Section 1974 Narain, A. Rape and mustard Evolutionary studies in world crops [Narain, 1974 #23314]