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Journal Article 1970 Akihama, T. Geographic distribution and ecotypic differentiation of wild rice in Thailand Tonan Ajia Kenkyu [Akihama, 1970 #34071]
Book 1970 Al-attas, Syed Naguib The correct date of the Trengganu inscription [Al-attas, 1970 #21092]
Book Section 1970 Alexander, John The domestication of yams: a multi-disciplinary approach Science in Archeology: A Survey of Progress and Research [Alexander, 1970 #37138]
Journal Article 1970 Ambrose, W. Review of "Excavations at Lapakahi, North Kohala, Hawaii Island, 1968," Richard J. Pearson, editor Asian Perspectives (1968) [Ambrose, 1970 #33384]
Journal Article 1970 Appell, G. N. Kalimantan timber concessions poses challenge to urgent research Borneo Research Bulletin [Appell, 1970 #34026]
Journal Article 1970 Bard, Solomon M. A survey of prehistoric sites in the Hong Kong region Journal of the Hong Kong Archaeological Society [Bard, 1970 #31950]
Book in a Series 1970 Bayard, D. T. Non Nok Tha: the 1968 excavation procedure, stratigraphy, and summary of the evidence [Bayard, 1970 #21639]
Journal Article 1970 Bellwood, Peter Review of "Archaeology in Western Samoa," R. C. Green and Janet M. Davidson, editors Asian Perspectives (1968) [Bellwood, 1970 #33411]
Book 1970 Belo, Jane Traditional Balinese Culture: essays selected and edited by Jane Belo [Belo, 1970 #21097]
Journal Article 1970 Boisselier, Jean Récentes recherches à Nakhon Pathom Journal of the Siam Society [Boisselier, 1970 #34183]
Journal Article 1970 Boriskovskii, P. I. Vietnam in primeval times. Part 5 Soviet Anthropology and Archaeology [Boriskovskii, 1970 #35823]
Journal Article 1970 Boriskovskii, P. I. Vietnam in primeval times. Part 6 Soviet Anthropology and Archaeology [Boriskovskii, 1970 #35824]
Journal Article 1970 Boriskovskii, P. I. Vietnam in primeval times. Part 7 Soviet Anthropology and Archaeology [Boriskovskii, 1970 #35825]
Book 1970 Boriskovsky, P. I. The new problems of the palaeolithic and mesolithic of the Indochinese Peninsula [Boriskovsky, 1970 #21084]
Book 1970 Breeks, James Wilkinson An account of the primitive tribes and monuments of the Nilagiris [Breeks, 1970 #20729]
Book 1970 Breeman, N. van Aspects of rice growing in Asia and the Americas Miscellaneous papers 7 [Breeman, 1970 #21079]
Book Section 1970 Brill, Robert H. The chemical interpretation of the texts Glass and glassmaking in ancient Mesopotamia: an edition of the cuneiform texts which contain instructions for glassmakers with a catalogue of surviving objects [Brill, 1970 #23905]
Journal Article 1970 Bronson, B. Excavation at Chansen, 1968-1969 Silpakorn Journal [Bronson, 1970 #28333]
Book in a Series 1970 Brown, D. E. Brunet: the structure and history of a Bornean sultanate [Brown, 1970 #21905]
Journal Article 1970 Cao Xuan Pho, Thap Churong Son, nha Ly (Nam Ha) [ La Tour du Mont Chuong Son, des Ly (Nm Ha) ] Khao Co Hoc [Cao 1970 #31443]
Journal Article 1970 Carneiro, Robert L. A theory on the origin of the state Science [Carneiro, 1970 #28020]
Journal Article 1970 Chandra, S. Relationship of betel chewing and dental caries Journal of the Indian Dental Association [Chandra, 1970 #35019]
Journal Article 1970 Chang, Kwang-chih The beginnings of agriculture in the Far East Antiquity [Chang, 1970 #35894]
Journal Article 1970 Chaudhuri, Mamata The techniques of colouring glass and ceramic materials in ancient and medieval India Indian Journal of History of Science [Chaudhuri, 1970 #29872]
Journal Article 1970 Chiu, T. N. Late Neoloithic site in the extreme Northwest of the New Territories, Hong Kong Asian Perspectives (1968) [Chiu, 1970 #33407]
Book Section 1970 Christie, A. H. The provenance and chronology of early Indian cultural influence in South-East Asia R. C. Majumdar felicitation volume [Christie, 1970 #23886]
Book Section in a Series 1970 Coleman, James M. Sedimentation in a Malaysian high tide tropical delta Deltaic sedimentation: modern and ancient [Coleman, 1970 #26345]
Journal Article 1970 Condominas, Georges From the rice-field to the Miir Social Sciences Informamtion (Interdisciplinary Research) [Condominas, 1970 #35693]
Journal Article 1970 Corvinus, G. The Acheulian workshop at Chirki on the Pravara River, Maharashtra Indian Antiquary [Corvinus, 1970 #29823]
Journal Article 1970 Dagens, Bruno Les linteaux décoratifs du Prasat Cha Chouk Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Dagens, 1970 #32106]