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Book 1962 Harrisson, B. Lobang Jeragan: an important burial cave excavated at Niah--with particular reference to its prehistoric earthenware [Harrisson, 1962 #19789]
Journal Article 1962 Fisk, E. K. The economics of the handloom industry of the east coast of Malaya Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Fisk, 1962 #27871]
Book 1962 Coon, Carleton S. The origin of races [Coon, 1962 #19832]
Book 1962 Davis, D. Dwight Mammals of the lowland rain-forest of north Borneo Bulletin of the National Museum [Davis, 1962 #19827]
Book 1962 Dewey, Alice G. Peasant marketing in Java Series on Contemporary Javanese Life [Dewey, 1962 #19824]
Journal Article 1962 Wall, Lindsay Prehistoric earthenwares: pottery common to Sarawak and Malaya Sarawak Museum Journal [Wall, 1962 #27892]
Book 1962 Do van Minh. Viet nam: where East and West meet [Do 1962 #19861]
Journal Article 1962 Solheim, Wilhelm G. II Editorial Asian Perspectives (1961) [Solheim, 1962 #28038]
Thesis 1962 Quiason, Serafin D. English trade relations with the Philippines 1644-1765 History [Quiason, 1962 #36354]
Book 1962 Patterson, T. T. Soan: the Palaeolithic of Pakistan [Patterson, 1962 #20284]
Book 1962 Malleret, Louis L'archéologie du delta du Mékong: la culture du Fou-nan [Malleret, 1962 #20408]
Thesis 1962 Mohapatra, Gopal Chandra The Stone Age culture of Orissa [Mohapatra, 1962 #36376]
Book 1962 Raychaudhuri, Tapan Jan Company in Coromandel, 1605-1690 [Raychaudhuri, 1962 #20480]
Journal Article 1962 Janse, Olov Robert Thure Quelques reflexions á propos d'un bol de type mégareén trouvé au Vietnam Artibus Asiae [Janse, 1962 #29471]
Journal Article 1962 Harada, Yoshito Ancient glass in the history of cultural exchange between east and west Acta Asiatica [Harada, 1962 #29605]
Book in a Series 1962 Service, Elman R. Primitive social organization: an evolutionary perspective [Service, 1962 #21753]
Journal Article 1962 Dales, G. F. Harappan outposts on the Makran Coast Antiquity [Dales, 1962 #29813]
Book 1962 Caley, Earle Radcliffe Analyses of ancient glasses, 1790-1957, a comprehensive and critical survey [Caley, 1962 #20717]
Journal Article 1962 Bruyn, Jean Victor de New bronze finds at Kwadeware, Lake Sentani Nieuw Guinea Studiën [Bruyn, 1962 #29922]
Journal Article 1962 Binford, Lewis R. Archeology as anthropology American Antiquity [Binford, 1962 #29952]
Journal Article 1962 Le Van Lan, Archaeological findings in Vietnam Vietnam Advances [Le 1962 #30238]
Journal Article 1962 Textor, Robert B. A stastical method for the study of shamanism: a case study from field work in Thailand Human Organization [Textor, 1962 #30252]
Book 1962 Patya Saihoo The hill tribes of Northern Thailand : a study [Patya 1962 #20809]
Book 1962 Stamp, L. Dudley Asia: a regional and economic geography [Stamp, 1962 #20816]
Journal Article 1962 Sharp, Lauriston Cultural continuities and discontinuities in Southeast Asia Journal of Asian Studies [Sharp, 1962 #30318]
Conference Paper 1962 Polunin, Ivan The effects of shifting agriculture on human health and disease Symposium on the Impact of Man on Humid Tropics Vegetation, Goroka, Territory of Papua and New Guinea, September, 1960 [Polunin, 1962 #26454]
Thesis-PhD 1962 Pfanner, David Eugene Rice and religion in a Burmese village [Pfanner, 1962 #36541]
Journal Article 1962 Li, Yen-hsien Preliminary report on the investigation of the Palaeolithic artefacts from Yiliang District, Yunnan Province Vertebrata Palasiatica [Li, 1962 #30416]
Journal Article 1962 Manndorff, Hans Angewandte Völkerkunde bei den Bergstämmen von Nordthailand Wiener Völkerkundliche Mitteilungen [Manndorff, 1962 #30518]
Journal Article 1962 Manndorff, Hans Angewandte Völkerkunde bei den Bergstämmen von Nordthailand Anthropologische Gesellschaft in Wien [Manndorff, 1962 #30517]