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Book in a Series 1960 Epigraphia Birmanica, being lithic and other inscriptions of Burma [ 1960 #21650]
Journal Article 1960 Downs, Richard Erskine A rural community in Kelantan, Malaysia Studies on Asia [Downs, 1960 #27900]
Journal Article 1960 Barker, H. British Museum natural radiocarbon measurements II Radiocarbon [Barker, 1960 #27955]
Journal Article 1960 Chosuke Serizawa, The oldest archaeological materials from Japan Asian Perspectives (1958) [Chosuke 1960 #28026]
Book 1960 Dani, Ahmad Hasan Prehistory and protohistory of eastern India, with a detailed account of the neolithic cultures in mainland South East Asia [Dani, 1960 #20036]
Journal Article 1960 Chard, Chester S. Regional reports Asian Perspectives (1958) [Chard, 1960 #28704]
Journal Article 1960 Schuster, Meinhard Zur Diskussion des Megalithproblems Paideuma [Schuster, 1960 #28793]
Journal Article 1960 Leach, Edmond R. The frontiers of "Burma" Comparative Studies in Society and History [Leach, 1960 #28910]
Book 1960 Pym, Christopher Mistapim in Cambodia [Pym, 1960 #20233]
Book in a Series 1960 Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, United Nations Copper, lead, and zinc ore resources of Asia and the Far East [Economic 1960 #21713]
Book 1960 Malleret, Louis L'archéologie du delta du Mékong: la civilisation matérielle d'Oc-èo [Malleret, 1960 #20409]
Book 1960 Geertz, Clifford The religion of Java [Geertz, 1960 #20562]
Journal Article 1960 Galis, K. W. Nieuwe brons-vondsten in het Sentani-district Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde [Galis, 1960 #29680]
Journal Article 1960 Forster, George M. Life expectancy of utilitarian pottery in Tzintzuntzan, Michoácan, Mexico American Antiquity [Forster, 1960 #29726]
Book 1960 Deschamps, H. Histoire de Madagascar [Deschamps, 1960 #20641]
Journal Article 1960 de Almeida, A. Contribuçao para o estudo do Neolitica de Timor Portugês Memórias da junta de investigações do ultramar [de 1960 #30005]
Book Section 1960 Pendleton, Robert L. The soils of Thailand Proceedings of the Ninth Pacific Science Congress of the Pacific Science Association, held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, November 18th to December 9th, 1957 [Pendleton, 1960 #24134]
Journal Article 1960 Solheim, Wilhelm G. The present status of the 'Palaeolithic' in Borneo Asian Perspectives (1958) [Solheim, 1960 #30280]
Journal Article 1960 Skinner, G. William Change and persistence in Chinese culture overseas: a comparison of Thailand and Java Journal of the South Seas Society [Skinner, 1960 #30304]
Journal Article 1960 Sieveking, Ann de Giberne The Palaeolithic industry of Kota Tampan, Perak, Northwestern Malaya Asian Perspectives (1958) [Sieveking, 1960 #30308]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1960 Murdock, George Peter Social structure in Southeast Asia [Murdock, 1960 #22090]
Book Section in a Series 1960 McArthur, Margaret Food consumption and dietary levels of groups of aborigines living on naturally occurring foods Anthropology and nutrition [McArthur, 1960 #25962]
Book in a Series 1960 Tan, Antonio G. A study of health, hygienic, and sanitary conditions obtaining among rural homes [Tan, 1960 #21812]
Conference Proceeding 1960 UNESCO Symposium on the Impact of Man on Humid Tropics Vegetation, Goroka, Territory of Papua and New Guinea, September, 1960 Symposium on the Impact of Man on Humid Tropics Vegetation, Goroka, Territory of Papua and New Guinea, September, 1960 [UNESCO 1960 #26569]
Book Section 1960 Li, Fang Kuei A tentative classification of Tai dialects Culture in history: essays in honor of Paul Radin [Li, 1960 #24163]
Book (Edited) 1960 LeBar, Frank M. Laos: its people, its society, its culture [LeBar, 1960 #21558]
Journal Article 1960 Von Koenigswald, G. H. R. Preliminary report on a newly-discovered stone age culture from northern Luzon, Philippine Islands Asian Perspectives (1958) [Von 1960 #31118]
Journal Article 1960 Lamb, Alastair Report on the excavation and reconstruction of Chandi Bukit Batu Pahat, central Kedah Federation Museums Journal [Lamb, 1960 #31219]
Journal Article 1960 Chia, Lan-po On the age of the chipped stone artifacts in Kwangsi caves Vertebrata Palasiatica [Chia, 1960 #31336]
Journal Article 1960 Matthews, John M. A note on the rock paintings recently discovered near Ipoh, Perak Man [Matthews, 1960 #31603]