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Journal Article 1953 Colbert, Edwin H. Pleistocene mammals from the limestone fissures of Szechwan, China Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History [Colbert, 1953 #27890]
Book 1953 Wheeler, Sir Robert Eric Mortimer The Indus civilization [Wheeler, 1953 #20389]
Journal Article 1953 Spaulding, Albert C. Statistical techniques for the discovery of artifact types American Antiquity [Spaulding, 1953 #29704]
Book in a Series 1953 T'ien, Ju-k'ang The Chinese of Sarawak [T'ien, 1953 #21771]
Book in a Series 1953 Sharp, Lauriston Siamese rice village: a preliminary study of Bang Chan, 1948-1949 [Sharp, 1953 #21772]
Journal Article 1953 Solheim, Wilhelm G. Philippine archaeology Archaeology [Solheim, 1953 #30285]
Manuscript 1953 Smalley, W. A. Third report on Meo: orthography and grammar [Smalley, 1953 #36079]
Book 1953 Jensen, Lloyd Bryan Man's foods, nutrition and environments in food gathering times and food producing times [Jensen, 1953 #20822]
Journal Article 1953 Robinson, J. T. Meganthropus, Australopithecines and Hominids American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Robinson, 1953 #30326]
Journal Article 1953 Taylor, Gordon D. Some crop distributions by tribes in upland Southeast Asia Southwestern Journal of Anthropology [Taylor, 1953 #30398]
Journal Article 1953 Marks, P. Preliminary note on the discovery of a new jaw of Meganthropus paleojavanicus von Koenigswald in the Lower Middle Pleistocene of Sangiran, Central Java Indonesian Journal for Natural Science [Marks, 1953 #30521]
Book in a Series 1953 Morris, H. S. Report on a Melanau sago producing community in Sarawak [Morris, 1953 #21826]
Journal Article 1953 Colless, Donald H. Observations on the flight range of A. balabacensis Baisas (= A. leucosphyrus, auct.) Medical Journal of Malaya [Colless, 1953 #30614]
Book 1953 Tien Ju-K'ang, The Chinese of Sarawak: a study of social structure [Tien 1953 #20903]
Journal Article 1953 Loewenstein, Prince John Tulang Mawas re-examined Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Loewenstein, 1953 #31194]
Journal Article 1953 Srinivasen, K. R. Survey of south Indian megaliths Ancient India [Srinivasen, 1953 #31387]
Book 1953 Holttum, R. E. A revised flora of Malaya: an illustrated systematic account of the Malayan flora, including commonly cultivated plants. [Holttum, 1953 #20958]
Journal Article 1953 Lindberg, G. Hsing-yao and Ting-yao Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [Lindberg, 1953 #32630]
Book 1953 Brown, Glen F. Geological reconnaissance of the mineral deposits in Thailand [Brown, 1953 #21073]
Book in a Series 1953 Belo, Jane Bali temple festival [Belo, 1953 #21913]
Journal Article 1953 Nguyên, Khoa Toàn Le Nam Giao: ses origines - son rite - sa signification Journal of the Siam Society [Nguyên, 1953 #34108]
Journal Article 1953 Geelmuyden, N. The Nam Giao Journal of the Siam Society [Geelmuyden, 1953 #34107]
Journal Article 1953 Conklin, Harold C. Buhid pottery Journal of East Asiatic Studies [Conklin, 1953 #34837]
Journal Article 1953 Sokol, A. E. Review of Far Eastern Quarterly [Sokol, 1953 #35160]
Journal Article 1953 Fitch, F. H. Tertiary to recent sea level changes and their effect on British Borneo physiography Annual Report of the Geological Survey Department, British Territories in Borneo [Fitch, 1953 #35518]
Journal Article 1953 Tweedie, M. W. F. The stone age in Malaya Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Tweedie, 1953 #35929]