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Book 1896 Tissandier, Albert Cambodge et Java: ruines khmères et javanaises, 1893-1894 [Tissandier, 1896 #19768]
Book 1896 Dubois, Eugène On <i>Pithecanthropus erectus</i>: a transitional form between man and the apes Scientific Transactions of the Royal Dublin Society [Dubois, 1896 #19822]
Book Section 1896 McGuire, Joseph Deakins A study of the primitive methods of drilling Annual report of the U. S. National Museum, 1894 [McGuire, 1896 #23630]
Book 1896 Finot, Louis Les lapidaires indiens [Finot, 1896 #20592]
Book 1896 Carey, Bertram S. The Chin Hills: a history of the people, our dealings with them, their customs and manners, and a gazetteer of their country [Carey, 1896 #20712]
Book 1896 Bushell, Stephen W. Oriental ceramic art: illustrated by examples from the collection of W. T. Walters: with one hundred and sixteen plates in colors and over four hundred reproductions in black and white [Bushell, 1896 #20939]