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Book 1894 Dubois, Eugène Pithecanthropus erectus: Eine menschenaehnliche Uebergangsform aus Java [Dubois, 1894 #19821]
Book 1894 d'Orléans, (Prince) Henri Around Tonkin and Siam [d'Orléans, 1894 #19859]
Journal Article 1894 Louis, Henry On the River Telubin Geographical Journal [Louis, 1894 #28557]
Book 1894 Ratzel, Friedrich Völkerkunde [Ratzel, 1894 #20217]
Journal Article 1894 Lemire, Charles Aux monuments anciens de kiams: excursion archéologique en Annam Le Tour du Monde [Lemire, 1894 #29385]
Journal Article 1894 Noetling, Fritz On the occurrence of chipped flints in the Upper Miocene of Burma Records of the Geological Survey of India [Noetling, 1894 #31598]