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Journal Article 2024 Wu, Yun The Hoabinhian technocomplex in southwest China: Preliminary report on new discoveries in recent decades L'Anthropologie [Wu, 2024 #37293]
Journal Article 2024 Zhou, Yuduan Extraordinary large Hoabinhian tools from Xiaodong rockshelter, southwest China L'Anthropologie [Zhou, 2024 #37292]
Journal Article 2023 Forestier, Hubert Unifacial shaping on pebbles in Southeast Asia: the Hoabinhian of Cambodia

Le façonnage unifacial sur galet en Asie du Sud-Est: l'Hoabinhien du Cambodge
L'Anthropologie [Forestier, 2023 #37264]
Journal Article 2022 Forestier, Hubert The first lithic industry of mainland Southeast Asia: evidence of the earliest hominin in a tropical context L' Anthropologie [Forestier, 2022 #37247]
Journal Article 2023 Chen, Xiaoying Guomo open-air sire (15-12 ka) in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China: A new cobble-based industry for rethinking the definition of "Hoabinhian" Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Chen, 2023 #37228]
Journal Article 2021 Forestier, Hubert Reduction sequences during the Hoabinhian technocomplex in Cambodia and Thailand: a new knapping strategy in Southeast Asia from the Terminal Upper Pleistocene to mid Holocene Lithic Technology [Forestier, 2021 #37101]
Journal Article 2022 Ingicco, Thomas The early lithic productions of Island Southeast Asia: Traditions or convergences? L'Anthropologie [Ingicco, 2022 #37090]
Journal Article 2022 Forestier, Hubert The first lithic industry of mainland Southeast Asia: Evidence of the earliest hominin in a tropical context

Les premières industries lithiques d’Asie du Sud-Est continentale : évidence des premiers hominines en contexte tropical

L'Anthropologie [Forestier, 2022 #37088]
Journal Article 2021 Forestier, Hubert Hoabinhian variability in mainland Southeast Asia revisited: the lithic assemblage of Moh Khiew Cave, southwestern Thailand Archaeological Research in Asia [Forestier, 2021 #36880]
Journal Article 2020 Zhou, Yuduan Tangzigou open-air site: a unique lithic assemblage during the Early Holocene in Yunnan Province, Southwest China Quaternary International [Zhou, 2020 #36863]
Journal Article 2019 Zhou, Yuduan A technological perspective on the lithic industry of the Bailiandong Cave (36–7 ka) in Guangxi: An effort to redefine the cobble-tool industry in South China Comptes Rendus Palevol [Zhou, 2019 #19006]
Journal Article 2019 Li, Yinghua Luobi Cave, South China: a comparative perspective on a novel cobble-tool industry associated with bone-tool technology during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition Journal of World Prehistory [Li, 2019 #18959]