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Journal Article Yesner, David R. Microblades and Migrations: Ethnic and Economic Models in the Peopling of the Americas Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Yesner, #19034]
Journal Article 1980 Yesner, David R. Maritime hunter-gatherers: ecology and prehistory Current Anthropology [Yesner, 1980 #34422]
Book Section 1994 Yesner, David R. Seasonality and resource "stress" among hunter-gatherers: archaeological signatures Key Issues in Hunter-gatherer Research [Yesner, 1994 #24702]
Book Section 1980 Yesner, David R. Nutrition and cultural evolution: patterns in prehistory Nutritional anthropology: contemporary approaches to diet and culture [Yesner, 1980 #24700]