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Journal Article 1986 Adhvaryu, S. G. SCE frequencies in lymphocytes of tobacco/betel nut chewers and patients with oral submucous fibrosis British Journal of Cancer [Adhvaryu, 1986 #34987]
Journal Article 1991 Adhvaryu, S. G. Cytogenetic surveillance of tobacco-areca nut (mava) chewers, including patients with oral cancers and premalignant conditions Mutation Research [Adhvaryu, 1991 #34986]
Journal Article 1991 Dave, B. J. Cytogenetic studies reveal increased genomic damage among 'pan masala consumers Mutagenesis [Dave, 1991 #35003]
Journal Article 1991 Dave, B. J. Variations in centromeric heterochromatin among patients with pre malignant and malignant oral diseases International Journal of Cancer [Dave, 1991 #35004]
Journal Article 1992 Dave, B. J. Role of areca nut consumption in the cause of oral cancers. A cytogenetic assessment Cancer [Dave, 1992 #35001]
Journal Article 1992 Dave, B. J. Vitro genotoxic effects of areca nut extract and arecoline Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology [Dave, 1992 #35002]
Journal Article 1993 Kayal, J. J. Incidence of micronuclei in oral mucosa of users of tobacco products singly or in various combinations Mutagenesis [Kayal, 1993 #34900]
Journal Article 1994 Patel, R. K. Ethanol potentiates the clastogenicity of pan masala--an in vitro experience Carcinogenesis [Patel, 1994 #35098]
Journal Article 1995 Trivedi, A. H. Urine of tobacco/areca nut chewers causes genomic damage in Chinese hamster ovary cells [published erratum appears in Carcinogenesis 1995 May Carcinogenesis [Trivedi, 1995 #35079]
Journal Article 1995 Trivedi, A. H. Elevated mutagen susceptibility in cultured lymphocytes of oral cancer patients Anticancer Research [Trivedi, 1995 #35080]