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Journal Article 2020 Leipe, Christian The spread of rice to Japan: insights from Bayesian analysis of direct radiocarbon dates and population dynamics in East Asia Quaternary Science Reviews [Leipe, 2020 #36811]
Journal Article 2016 Gui Yun Jin, Archaeobotanical records of middle and late neolithic agriculture from Shandong Province, East China, and a major change in regional subsistence during the Dawenkou Culture Holocene [Gui 2016 #27600]
Journal Article 2016 Ting Ma, Pollen- and charcoal-based evidence for climatic and human impact on vegetation in the northern edge of Wuyi Mountains, China, during the last 8200 years Holocene [Ting 2016 #27599]
Book Section 2004 Tarasov, Pavel E. Late glacial and Holocene vegetation changes recorded in the pollen data from the Hangai mountains, central Mongolia Monsoon and civilization [Tarasov, 2004 #24308]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Nakagawa, Takeshi Pollen-based quantitative reconstruction of climate in Japan: its approach and reliability estimation with newly developed technique and software Environmental changes and rise and fall of civilizations [Nakagawa, 2001 #26041]