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Journal Article 1977 Premchit, Sommai A translation of  Tamnān Mūlasāsanā Wat Pā Daeng:   the chronicle of the founding of Buddhism of the Wat Pā Daeng tradition Journal of the Siam Society [Premchit, 1977 #36807]
Book 2010 Swearer, Donald K. The Buddhist world of Southeast Asia SUNY Series in Religious Studies [Swearer, 2010 #19916]
Book 1998 Swearer, Donald K. The legend of Queen Cāma: Bodhiraṃsi's Cāmadevīvaṃsa, a translation and commentary SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies [Swearer, 1998 #19913]
Book in a Series 1981 Swearer, Donald K. Buddhism and society in Southeast Asia [Swearer, 1981 #21843]