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Journal Article 1984 Stich, H. F. Use of the micronucleus test to monitor the effect of vitamin A, beta carotene and canthaxanthin on the buccal mucosa of betel nut/tobacco chewers International Journal of Cancer [Stich, 1984 #35030]
Journal Article 1982 Stich, H. F. Elevated frequency of micronucleated cells in the buccal mucosa of individuals at high risk for oral cancer: betel quid chewers Cancer Letters [Stich, 1982 #35031]
Journal Article 1981 Stich, H. F. Potentiation of genotoxicity by concurrent application of compounds found in betel quid: arecoline, eugenol, quercetin, chlorogenic acid and Mn2+ Mutation Research [Stich, 1981 #35032]
Journal Article 1982 Stich, H. F. Chromosome-damaging activity of saliva of betel nut and tobacco chewers Cancer Letters [Stich, 1982 #35033]