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Book Section 1972 Solheim, W. G. Prehistoric pottery of Southeast Asia Early Chinese art and its possible influence in the Pacific basin : a symposium arranged by the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, New York City, August 21-25, 1967 [Solheim, 1972 #23400]
Journal Article 1975 Solheim, W. G. The Nusantao and South China Journal of the Hong Kong Archaeological Society [Solheim, 1975 #28777]
Book Section in a Series 1980 Solheim, W. G. Early pottery in Northern Thailand and conjectures on its relationships The Diffusion of Material Culture: 28th International Congress of Orientalists, proceedings of Seminar E, Canberra, January 1971 [Solheim, 1980 #25579]
Journal Article 1981 Solheim, W. G. Notes on "Malay pottery" in East Malaysia and neighbouring areas Sarawak Museum Journal [Solheim, 1981 #28776]
Journal Article 1999 Solheim, W. G. Southeast Asian prehistory in relation to the Philippines Hukay: Bulletin of the University of Philippines Archaeological Studies Program [Solheim, 1999 #28775]