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Journal Article 1991 Sealy, Judith C. <sup>87</sup>Sr/<sup>86</sup>Sr as a dietary indicator in modern and archaeological bone Journal of Archaeological Science [Sealy, 1991 #34507]
Journal Article 1992 Sillen, Andrew Strontium-calcium ratios (Sr/Ca) of <i>Australopithecus robustus</i> and associated fauna from Swartkrans Journal of Human Evolution [Sillen, 1992 #34503]
Journal Article 1991 Sillen, Andrew Solubility profiles of synthetic apatites and of modern and fossil bones Journal of Archaeological Science [Sillen, 1991 #34502]
Journal Article 1995 Sillen, Andrew Diagenesis of strontium in fossil bone: a reconsideration of Nelson <i>et al.</i> (1986) Journal of Archaeological Science [Sillen, 1995 #34501]
Journal Article 1989 Sillen, Andrew Chemistry and paleodietary research: no more easy answers American Antiquity [Sillen, 1989 #34500]
Journal Article 1984 Sillen, Andrew Weaning patterns are reflected in strontium-calcium ratios of juvenile skeletons Journal of Archaeological Science [Sillen, 1984 #34499]
Book Section 1989 Sillen, Andrew Diagenesis of the inorganic phase of cortical bone The Chemistry of Prehistoric Human Bone [Sillen, 1989 #24685]