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Journal Article 1966 Sangvichien, Sood A preliminary report on non-metrical characteristics of neolithic skeletons found at Ban Kao, Kanchanaburi Journal of the Siam Society [Sangvichien, 1966 #34175]
Journal Article 1966 Sangvichien, Sood Neolithic skeletons from the Ban Kao, Thailand, and the problem of Thai origins Current Anthropology [Sangvichien, 1966 #34537]
Journal Article 1981 Sangvichien, Sood The study of artifacts and skeletons contained in the two earthen jars at Huay Kha Khaeng Forest, Uthai Thani Province, Thailand Journal of the National Research Council of Thailand [Sangvichien, 1981 #35362]
Book 1985 Sangvichien, Sood Preliminary report on the skeletal remains of the Ayutthaya Period found in the cemetery of the Church of São Domingos The Portuguese and Ayutthaya [Sangvichien, 1985 #21202]
Book Section 1997 Pramankij, Somsak Modification in the use of Mesolithic tools in case of migration Southeast Asian Archaeology 1992: Proceedings of the 4th Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Pramankij, 1997 #24849]
Book Section in a Series 1990 Brace, C. Loring Micronesians, Asians, Thais, and relations: a craniofacial and ondontometric perspective Recent Advances in Micronesian Archaeology: Selected Papers from the Micronesian Archaeology Conference, September 9-12, 1987 [Brace, 1990 #26257]
Conference Proceeding 1984 Pramankij, Somsak The significance of extra-large lower Palaeolithic tools discovered recently in Thailand Art and Archaeology, V. 6. International Conference on Thai Studies, August 22-24, 1984 [Pramankij, 1984 #26581]
Book in a Series 1969 Sangvichien, Sood Archaeological excavations in Thailand. Vol. III, Ban-Kao. Part two: the prehistoric Thai skeletons [Sangvichien, 1969 #22011]