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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book 1993 Rooney, Dawn F. Betel Nut chewing traditions in South-East Asian [Rooney, 1993 #21178]
Book in a Series 1987 Rooney, Dawn F. Folk pottery in South-East Asia [Rooney, 1987 #21793]
Book Section 1981 Rooney, Dawn F. Uses of Khmer ceramics Khmer ceramics, 9th-14th century [Rooney, 1981 #23438]
Journal Article 1998 Rooney, Dawn F. In the footsteps of Henri Mouhot: a French explorer in 19th century Thailand, Cambodia and Laos SPAFA Journal [Rooney, 1998 #28887]
Journal Article 1990 Rooney, Dawn F. A field guide to glazed Thai ceramics Asian Perspectives (1988-1989) [Rooney, 1990 #32972]
Journal Article 1997 Rooney, Dawn F. The Khmer kilns of Ban Ya Kha Journal of the Siam Society [Rooney, 1997 #35504]