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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book 2004 Renfrew, Colin Archaeology: theories, methods, and practice [Renfrew, 2004 #20565]
Book 1973 Renfrew, Colin Before civilization: the radiocarbon revolution and prehistoric Europe [Renfrew, 1973 #20667]
Book (Edited) 2006 Forster, Peter Phylogenetic methods and the prehistory of languages [Forster, 2006 #21422]
Book (Edited) 2002 Bellwood, Peter Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis McDonald Institute Monographs [Bellwood, 2002 #21448]
Book in a Series 1972 Renfrew, Colin The emergence of civilisation: the Cyclades and the Aegean in the third millennium B.C. [Renfrew, 1972 #21749]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2000 Renfrew, Colin Time depth in historical linguistics [Renfrew, 2000 #22039]
Book in a Series (Edited) Renfrew, Colin Peer-polity interaction and socio-political change [Renfrew, #22049]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2004 Renfrew, Colin Archaeology: the key concepts [Renfrew, 2004 #22062]
Book Section 2012 Renfrew, Colin Towards a cognitive archaeology: material engagement and the early development of society Archaeological theory today [Renfrew, 2012 #22213]
Book Section 1986 Renfrew, Colin Varna and the emergence of wealth in prehistoric Europe The social life of things: commodities in cultural perspective [Renfrew, 1986 #23814]
Book Section 1975 Renfrew, Colin Trade as action at a distance: questions of integration and communication Ancient civilization and trade [Renfrew, 1975 #24235]
Book Section in a Series 1996 Renfrew, Colin The sapient behaviour paradox: how to test for potential? Modelling the early human mind [Renfrew, 1996 #25535]
Book Section in a Series 2002 Renfrew, Colin 'The emerging synthesis': the archaeogenetics of farming/language dispersals and other spread zones Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis [Renfrew, 2002 #25597]
Book Section in a Series 1974 Renfrew, Colin Beyond a subsistence economy: the evolution of social organization in prehistoric Europe Reconstructing complex societies: an archaeological colloquium [Renfrew, 1974 #25822]
Journal Article 1990 Renfrew, Colin Collectors are the real looters Archaeology [Renfrew, 1990 #28890]
Journal Article 1998 Renfrew, Colin Overview: applications of DNA in archaeology: a review of the DNA studies of the ancient biomolecules initiative Ancient Biomolecules [Renfrew, 1998 #32432]