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Journal Article 1971 Harlan, Jack R. Agricultural origins: centers and non-centers Science Magazine [Harlan, 1971 #29587]
Journal Article 1971 Harlan, Jack R. Agriculture origins: centers and noncenters Science [Harlan, 1971 #35241]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Harlan, Jack R. Wild-grass seed harvesting in the Sahara and Sub-Sahara of Africa Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Harlan, 1989 #26295]
Journal Article 1973 Harlan, Jack R. On the quality of evidence for the origin and dispersal of cultivated plants Current Anthropology [Harlan, 1973 #35915]
Journal Article 1977 Brunken, Jere The morphology and domestication of pearl millet Economic Botany [Brunken, 1977 #35908]
Book 1975 Harlan, Jack R. Crops and man [Harlan, 1975 #21308]