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Journal Article 2004 Gagan, Michael K. Post-glacial evolution of the Indo-Pacific warm pool and El Niño-Southern oscillation Quaternary Science Reviews [Gagan, 2004 #27699]
Journal Article 2003 Zhao, Jian-xin Speleothem U-series dating of semi-synchronous climate oscillations during the last deglaciation Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Zhao, 2003 #28575]
Journal Article 2008 Zhou, Houyun Distinct climate change synchronous with Heinrich event one, recorded by stable oxygen and carbon isotopic compositions in stalagmites from China Quaternary Research [Zhou, 2008 #28574]
Journal Article 2003 McGregor, Helen V. Diagenesis and geochemistry of <i>Porites</i> corals from Papua New Guinea: implications for paleoclimate reconstruction Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta [McGregor, 2003 #28586]
Journal Article 2009 Griffiths, M. L. Increasing Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall linked to early Holocene sea-level rise Nature Geoscience [Griffiths, 2009 #28593]
Journal Article 2010 Griffiths, Michael L. Evidence for Holocene changes in Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall from stalagmite trace element and stable isotope ratios Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Griffiths, 2010 #28592]
Journal Article 2010 Griffiths, Michael L. Younger Dryas-Holocene temperature and rainfall history of southern Indonesia from δ18O in speleothem calcite and fluid inclusions Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Griffiths, 2010 #28591]
Journal Article 2011 Lewis, Sophie C. High-resolution stalagmite reconstructions of Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall variability during Heinrich stadial 3 and Greenland interstadial 4 Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Lewis, 2011 #28589]
Journal Article 2011 Marwick, Ben Late Pleistocene monsoon variability in northwest Thailand: an oxygen isotope sequence from the bivalve <i>Margaritanopsis laosensis</i> excavated in Mae Hong Son province Quaternary Science Reviews [Marwick, 2011 #28694]