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Journal Article 2024 Dussubieux, Laure Glass circulation in late Iron Age Southeast Asia: New Compositional and Isotopic Data of Beads found at Non Ban Jak in Northeast Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Dussubieux, 2024 #37291]
Journal Article 2018 Bellina, Bérénice Myanmar's earliest maritime silk road port-settlements revealed Antiquity [Bellina, 2018 #37245]
Journal Article 2023 Hoppál, Krisztina Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean world at the turn of the First Millennium CE: networks, commodities and cultural reception Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Hoppál, 2023 #37223]
Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra Angkor Borei and protohistoric trade networks: a view from the glass and stone bead assemblage Asian Perspectives [Carter, 2021 #37125]
Journal Article 2020 Dussubieux, Laure First elemental analysis of glass from Southern Myanmar: replacing the region in the early Maritime Silk Road Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Dussubieux, 2020 #36664]
Journal Article 2019 Bellina, Bérénice Southeast Asian early Maritime Silk Road trading polities' hinterland and the sea-nomads of the Isthmus of Kra Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Bellina, 2019 #26666]
Journal Article 2017 Carter, Alison Glass artifacts at Angkor: evidence for exchange Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Carter, 2017 #26894]
Conference Paper 2009 Lankton, James W. Chinese Han period glass cup fragments in peninsular Thailand 19th Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Congress [Lankton, 2009 #26399]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Dussubieux, Laure Glass in South Asia Modern Methods for Analysing Archaeological and Historical Glass [Dussubieux, 2013 #25346]
Book Section in a Series 2009 Dussubieux, Laure Compositional analysis of ancient glass fragments from north Sumatra, Indonesia Histoire de Barus III: regards sur une place marchande de l'océan Indien (XIIe-milieu du XVIIes) [Dussubieux, 2009 #25344]
Journal Article 2017 Dussubieux, Laure Glass ornament production and trade polities in the Upper-Thai Peninsula during the early iron age Archaeological Research in Asia [Dussubieux, 2017 #26978]
Book Section in a Series 2017 Dussubieux, Laure Glass from an early Southeast Asian producing and trading centre Khao Sam Kaeo: An Early Port-City between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea [Dussubieux, 2017 #25352]
Journal Article 2010 Dussubieux, Laure Glass material from Singapore Archipel [Dussubieux, 2010 #27503]
Book Section 2016 Dussubieux, Laure Potash glass: a view from South and Southeast Asia Recent progress of scientific research on ancient glass and glaze [Dussubieux, 2016 #22333]
Journal Article 2016 Dussubieux, Laure The glass beads of Kampai Island, Sumatra Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Dussubieux, 2016 #27550]
Book Section 2013 Lankton, James W. Early glass in Southeast Asia Modern methods for analysing archaeological and historic glass [Lankton, 2013 #22356]
Journal Article 2016 Carter, Alison Kyra Geologic provenience analysis of agate and carnelian beads using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS): a case study from iron age Cambodia and Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Carter, 2016 #27740]
Journal Article 2016 Dussubieux, Laure Myanmar's role in iron age interaction networks linking Southeast Asia and India: recent glass and copper-base metal exchange research from the <i>Mission Archéologique Française au Myanmar</i> Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Dussubieux, 2016 #27826]
Journal Article 2006 Lankton, James W. Glass from Khao Sam Kaeo: transferred technology for an early Southeast Asian exchange network Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Lankton, 2006 #28003]
Book Section 2014 Bellina, Bérénice The development of coastal polities in the upper Thai-Malay Peninsula Before Siam: essays in art and archaeology [Bellina, 2014 #22738]
Book Section 2004 Lankton, James W. A study of mid-first millennium CE Southeast Asian specialized glass beadmaking traditions Selected Papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists : the British Museum, London, 14th-17th September 2004: Interpreting Southeast Asia's past, monument, image, and text [Lankton, 2004 #22741]
Thesis 2001 Dussubieux, Laure L'apport de l'ablation laser couplée à l'ICP-MS à la caractérisation des verres : application à l'étude du verre archéologique de l'Océan Indien Chemistry [Dussubieux, 2001 #36322]
Book Section 2012 Dussubieux, Laure Early glass trade in South and Southeast Asia: new insights from two coastal sites, Phu Khao Thong in Thailand and Arikamedu in south India Crossing borders: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Dussubieux, 2012 #22872]
Journal Article 2003 Dussubieux, Laure Origine et diffusion du verre dans le monde indien et en Asie du sud-est : L'importance du dosage des éléments-traces Revue d'Archéométrie [Dussubieux, 2003 #28554]
Book Section 2010 Dussubieux, Laure Glass in Southeast Asia 50 years of archaeology in Southeast Asia: essays in honour of Ian Glover [Dussubieux, 2010 #23446]
Journal Article 2006 Lankton, James W. Early glass in Asian maritime trade: a review and an interpretation of compositional analyses Journal of Glass Studies [Lankton, 2006 #30173]
Book Section 2003 Dussubieux, Laure Non-destructive characterization of glass beads: an application to the study of glass trade between India and Southeast Asia Fishbones and glittering emblems: Southeast Asian archaeology 2002 [Dussubieux, 2003 #24342]