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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book Section 2022 Clarke, Wesley Early states in Thailand: Dvāravatī The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Clarke, 2022 #37043]
Journal Article 2020 Shoocongdej, Rasmi Editorial note: integrating local perspectives into Southeast Asian archaeology SPAFA Journal [Shoocongdej, 2020 #36887]
Book Section 2020 Clarke, Wesley Dvāravatī from the bottom up Defining Dvāravatī [Clarke, 2020 #36717]
Book Section 2015 Clarke, Wesley New observations at P'ong Tuk and ongoing issues with the conceptualization of Dvaravati Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2013: selected papers from the First SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology [Clarke, 2015 #22499]
Journal Article 2015 Lavy, Paul A. Integrating the Phong Tuek Viṣṇu: the archaeology and art history of a forgotten image Journal of the Siam Society [Lavy, 2015 #27884]
Book Section 2014 Clarke, Wesley The skeletons of Phong Tuek: human remains in Dvāravatī ritual contexts Before Siam: essays in art and archaeology [Clarke, 2014 #22637]
Journal Article 2007 Clarke, Wesley Request for Information Southeast Asian Archaeology International Newsletter [Clarke, 2007 #29652]