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Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra The evolution of agro-urbanism: a case study from Angkor, Cambodia Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Carter, 2021 #37201]
Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra Angkor Borei and protohistoric trade networks: a view from the glass and stone bead assemblage Asian Perspectives [Carter, 2021 #37125]
Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra Building from the Ground Up: The Archaeology of Residential Spaces and Communities in Southeast Asia Journal of Archaeological Research [Carter, 2021 #37092]
Journal Article December 2022 Carter, Alison Kyra Prasat and Pteah: Habitation within Angkor Wat's temple enclosure Archaeological Research in Asia [Carter, December 2022 #37055]
Book Section 2018 Carter, Alison Kyra Tracing the trade of heirloom beads across Zomia: a preliminary analysis of beads from the upland regions of northeast India and mainland Southeast Asia The Archaeology of Portable Art: Southeast Asian, Pacific, and Australian Perspectives [Carter, 2018 #22223]
Book Section 2017 Carter, Alison Kyra Globalization at the dawn of history: the emergence of global cultures in the Mekong and Red River Deltas The Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalization [Carter, 2017 #22324]
Newspaper Article 2016 Carter, Alison Kyra Household archaeology at Angkor Wat Khmer Times, July 7 [Carter, 2016 #36118]
Journal Article 2016 Carter, Alison Kyra The production and exchange of glass and stone beads in Southeast Asia from 500 BCE to the early second millennium CE: an assessment of the work of Peter Francis in light of recent research Archaeological Research in Asia [Carter, 2016 #27624]
Journal Article 2016 Carter, Alison Kyra Geologic provenience analysis of agate and carnelian beads using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS): a case study from iron age Cambodia and Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Carter, 2016 #27740]
Journal Article 2015 Carter, Alison Kyra Beads, exchange networks and emerging complexity: a case study from Cambodia and Thailand Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Carter, 2015 #27808]
Thesis 2013 Carter, Alison Kyra Trade, exchange, and sociopolitical development in iron age (500 BC – AD 500) mainland Southeast Asia: an examination of stone and glass beads from Cambodia and Thailand Anthropology [Carter, 2013 #36334]
Book Section 2012 Carter, Alison Kyra Garnet beads in Southeast Asia: evidence for local production? Crossing borders: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Carter, 2012 #22873]
Journal Article 2010 Carter, Alison Kyra Trade and exchange networks in iron age Cambodia: preliminary results from a compositional analysis of glass beads Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Carter, 2010 #28672]