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Journal Article 2018 Stoltman, James B. New insights into the composition and microstructure of ceramic artifacts associated with the production of Chinese bronzes at Yinxu, the last capital of the Shang dynasty Archaeological Research in Asia [Stoltman, 2018 #26707]
Journal Article 1999 Burton, James H. Evaluation of bone strontium as a measure of seafood consumption International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Burton, 1999 #34391]
Journal Article 1999 Burton, James H. Correlation of bone Ba/Ca and Sr/Ca due to biological purification of calcium Journal of Archaeological Science [Burton, 1999 #34390]
Journal Article 1990 Burton, James H. The ratio of barium to strontium as a paleodietary indicator of consumption of marine resources Journal of Archaeological Science [Burton, 1990 #34770]
Journal Article 1995 Ezzo, Joseph A. Elemental signatures of human diets from the Georgia Bight American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Ezzo, 1995 #34714]
Journal Article 1992 Price, T. Douglas Diagenesis in prehistoric bone: problems and solutions Journal of Archaeological Science [Price, 1992 #34549]
Journal Article 1994 Price, T. Douglas Residential mobility in the prehistoric Southwest United States: a preliminary study using strontium isotope analysis Journal of Archaeological Science [Price, 1994 #34548]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Burton, James H. The use and abuse of trace elements for paleodietary research Biogeochemical approaches to paleodietary analysis [Burton, 2000 #26092]