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Book Section 2005 Rakita, Gordon Introduction Interacting with the dead: perspectives on mortuary archaeology for the new millennium [Rakita, 2005 #23654]
Book Section 1997 Buikstra, Jane E. Paleodemography: context and promise Integrating archaeological demography: multidisciplinary approaches to prehistoric population [Buikstra, 1997 #24592]
Journal Article 1986 Buikstra, Jane E. Fertility and the development of agriculture in the prehistoric Midwest American Antiquity [Buikstra, 1986 #34773]
Journal Article 1991 Buikstra, Jane E. Isotopic and archaeological interpretations of diet in the central Mississippi valley Journal of Archaeological Science [Buikstra, 1991 #34772]
Journal Article 1981 Gordon, Claire C. Soil pH, bone preservation, and sampling bias at mortuary sites American Antiquity [Gordon, 1981 #34696]
Journal Article 1989 Konigsberg, Lyle W. Paleodemographic correlates of fertility: a reply to Corruccini, Brandon, and Handler American Antiquity [Konigsberg, 1989 #34628]
Journal Article 1985 Lambert, Joseph B. Bone diagenesis and dietary analysis Journal of Human Evolution [Lambert, 1985 #34619]
Journal Article 1979 Lambert, Joseph B. Chemical analysis of excavated human bone from middle and late woodland sites Archaeometry [Lambert, 1979 #34618]
Journal Article 1982 Lambert, Joseph B. A comparative study of the chemical analysis of ribs and femurs in Woodland populations American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Lambert, 1982 #34617]
Journal Article 1991 Lambert, Joseph B. Inorganic analysis of excavated human bone after surface removal Journal of Archaeological Science [Lambert, 1991 #34616]
Book Section 1995 Konigsberg, Lyle W. Regional approaches to the investigation of past human biocultural structure Regional approaches to mortuary analysis [Konigsberg, 1995 #24701]
Book Section 1981 Buikstra, Jane E. Mortuary practices, palaeodemography and palaeopathology: a case study from the Koster site (Illinois) The archaeology of death [Buikstra, 1981 #24645]
Book Section 1985 Buikstra, Jane E. Demography, diet, and health The analysis of prehistoric diets [Buikstra, 1985 #24635]