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Journal Article 1998 Bui Minh Tri, Nhung net rieng truyen thong cua nghe thuat gom hoa lam Viêt Nam [ Traditional features of art of blue and white ceramics of Vietnam] Khao Co Hoc [Bui 1998 #30761]
Journal Article 1995 Tong Trung Tin, Phe tich kien truc Go Cay Tung ( An Giang ) (qua dot khai quat lan thu nhat) [ Architectual ruins in Go Cay Tung ( An Giang province) ( Through the first excavation)] Khao Co Hoc [Tong 1995 #30877]
Journal Article 1990 Chu Quang Tru, Cuu dinh Hue - Ky thuat va nhan thuc [ Nine tripods in Hue: Technique and perception] Khao Co Hoc [Chu 1990 #31038]
Journal Article 1990 Chu Quang Tru, Danh sach nien dai C14 [ List of radio carbon] Khao Co Hoc [Chu 1990 #31037]
Journal Article 1991 Tong Trung Tin, Thu tim hieu nien dai mot so do gom lam qua so sanh hoa van tren gom voi dieu khac trang tri Viêt Nam co truyen [An attempt to study the dates of blue and white in the comparison of designs on ceramics with traditional decorative sculpture in Vietnam Khao Co Hoc [Tong 1991 #31006]
Journal Article 1993 Bui Minh Tri, Gop them vao viec nghien cuu thuong cang thanh ha [ Contribution to the study of Thanh Ha commercial port] Khao Co Hoc [Bui 1993 #30952]