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Journal Article 2010 Scott, R. M. Identification of the first reported Lapita cremation in the Pacific islands using archaeological forensic and contemporary burning evidence Journal of Archaeological Science [Scott, 2010 #27666]
Journal Article 2013 Kinaston, R. L. The first New Zealanders: patterns of diet and mobility revealed through isotope analysis PLOS One [Kinaston, 2013 #27729]
Journal Article 2011 Bedford, S. Lapita burials, a new Lapita cemetery and post-Lapita burials from Malakula, Northern Vanuatu, Southwest Pacific Journal of Pacific Archaeology [Bedford, 2011 #27727]
Journal Article 2008 Buckley, H. R. A preliminary report on health and disease in early Lapita skeletons, Vanuatu: possible biological costs of island colonization Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology [Buckley, 2008 #27725]
Journal Article 2014 Halcrow, S. E. First bioarchaeological evidence of probable scurvy in Southeast Asia: multifactorial etiologies of vitamin C deficiency in a tropical environment International Journal of Paleopathology [Halcrow, 2014 #27958]
Journal Article 2011 Cox, K. J. Intrinsic or extrinsic population growth in Iron Age northeast Thailand? The evidence from isotopic analysis Journal of Archaeological Science [Cox, 2011 #28451]
Journal Article 2011 Domett, K. M. Bioarchaeological evidence for conflict in iron age north-west Cambodia Antiquity [Domett, 2011 #28476]
Journal Article 2004 Tayles, N. Leprosy and tuberculosis in Iron Age Southeast Asia? American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Tayles, 2004 #30597]
Journal Article 2003 Buckley, H. R. Skeletal pathology in a prehistoric Pacific island sample: issues in lesion recording, quantification, and interpretation American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Buckley, 2003 #31251]
Journal Article 2003 Buckley, H. R. The functional cost of tertiary yaws (Treponema pertenue) in a prehistoric Pacific island skeletal sample Journal of Archaeological Science [Buckley, 2003 #31825]