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Journal Article 2010 Buckley, Brendan M. Climate as a contributing factor in the demise of Angkor, Cambodia PNAS [Buckley, 2010 #28646]
Journal Article 2007 Buckley, Brendan M. Analyses of growth rings of Pinus merkusii from Lao PDR Forest Ecology and Management [Buckley, 2007 #28960]
Journal Article 2007 Buckley, Brendan M. Decadal scale droughts over northwestern Thailand over the past 448 years: links to the tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean sectors Climate dynamics [Buckley, 2007 #28959]
Journal Article 2009 Sano, Masaki Tree-ring based hydroclimate reconstruction over northern Vietnam from Fokienia hodginsii: eighteenth century mega-drought and tropical Pacific influence Climate Dynamics [Sano, 2009 #28957]
Journal Article 1995 Buckley, Brendan M. Dendrochronological investigations in Thailand IAWA Journal [Buckley, 1995 #33841]